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A Jonas Brothers Reunion Is Finally Happening

After their split in 2013 (although they can’t really split because they’re brothers… terrible joke!) the Jonas Brothers are back with an announcement of their upcoming single, and everyone is freaking out. On Thursday, February 28th, the brothers shared the news on Twitter their single “Sucker” along with a new artwork and a caption saying: “Midnight ET”, meaning that their new song is released on Friday, March 1st aka today and I’m fine.

Not only they will release a new single, they will also be the new guest stars for The Late Late Show With James Corden in the famous segment ‘Carpool Karaoke’, which we get to see them sing their hit songs such as “Burnin’ Up”, “Year 3000”, “When You Look Me In The Eyes”, “Lovebug”, “S.O.S”, and so much more. I’m totally and perfectly fine.

For many Jonas Brothers fans, such as myself, this is a very exciting moment and can’t wait to listen to their new single. I really look forward to see what’s next for them as a group and individually as well. 

But okay One Direction, when is your reunion, huh? Still waiting. 

Update: The music video for “Sucker” is out!! Check it out here!



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