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I Went To Get A Tarot and Aura Reading: Here’s How It Went

The opinions expressed in this article are the writer’s own and do not reflect the views of Her Campus.
This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UPR chapter.

For years I have always wanted to get a tarot reading! And well, I decided that if I told myself to write about my experience, then it would be the push I needed to finally go get a reading. I finally made the appointment to get a 30 minute tarot reading session and a 15 minute aura cleansing session. Here’s what happened:

The Tarot

The tarot reading was done first so that the reader, the person that has learned the meaning of the cards and leads the session, could get a sense of me in case there was something specific she needed to focus on while doing the aura cleansing.

Photo by Viva Luna Studios on Unsplash 

Let me tell you something. When I went in, it wasn’t exactly what I expected. I didn’t have to ask any questions. I didn’t feel any obvious awakening or answer to anything. But at the same time, I’m not entirely disappointed. Without me having to ask anything, the reader mentioned things that I have been struggling with that started to make sense.

It was a bit overwhelming dealing with how much the reader started saying and talking about, almost as if it had been an advice session.

I guess that since it was my first time, she wanted to give me a grand scope of my life. So she started talking about my family, my inner self, my career, and at one point she even mentioned something about my spiritual energy and how it needed protecting. 

That part put me a bit on alert because, well, I’m all about protecting my energy and my vibe, but at the same time, was this a tactic to get me to buy a million products from the store? It felt a little obvious from what I gathered. 

I would’ve liked the tarot reading to focus on only one aspect of my life at a time, since it’s become incredibly overwhelming trying to recall everything the reader told me, but I guess the key take away was that I should focus on protecting my energy and not allowing people in my life to suck it out of me. So, at the very least, I am grateful for that piece of advice.

The Aura

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Photo by CA Creative on Unsplash

The aura reading felt like a soothing meditative experience with nice smells and relaxed breathing. It only lasted 15 minutes, so I guess you could say it was a power nap of sorts. The reader told me to look up the meaning of the color orange, because that was a recurring color that kept coming up to her. Here’s what Yoga Basics says about the color orange: “The color orange is associated with passion, creativity, and sensuality. People with this aura may be highly creative and artistic, with a strong desire for self-expression. Orange is also a color of warmth and enthusiasm, and those with an orange aura may be outgoing and charismatic.”  

There are a few things that make sense with that description. Other things not so much, like the charismatic and outgoing personality traits, my introversion doesn’t really let me act in those ways. However, that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t keep that in mind. Perhaps I don’t see myself as outgoing, but my closest friends do notice those traits in me, as in, there’s the way I perceive myself and the way others perceive me. Does this make sense? Our aura has a lot to do with how other people feel around us. Haven’t you caught yourself saying things like, “I don’t know, their vibe was just off”? Let’s see it as if the vibe was a reflection of their own auras. 

I don’t think there was a huge impact on me when I did the aura cleansing. I see it as something that helped me understand something in myself with the descriptions of the orange aura, but I don’t think I would do it again if I’m being honest, unless something happens that makes me feel that is necessary.

What I learned

Photo by Edz Norton on Unsplash

If you go to get a reading, make sure that it’s a place exclusively for that. I went to a store that had tarot and aura services, and it felt like a way to get you to buy things that would fix your life! I didn’t feel entirely comfortable with that part.

Don’t get me wrong, I would try it again, but perhaps with someone different. I would also have a list of questions that, if possible, could be the focus of the reading since I don’t feel like I benefited from my experience given how broad everything felt. 

I’m still fascinated with the esoteric world and I feel like I could learn so much from it, not only about myself, but also about how to be around others and understand them better, so I won’t let this first experience steer me away from it.

If I ever do this again, I might do more background research and also let myself take my time with it, so that I can take full advantage of the time provided in a session.

I guess that’s everything I wanted to share with you. Don’t let my experience scare you away from trying out a reading or a cleansing session; perhaps you’ll find something that suits your needs! 

With that said, I’ll leave you to your day.

Love you lots,

Lya 🤎

Lilliana Correa Garcia is a wellness and experience writer at the Her Campus Rio Piedras Chapter. She focuses on topics such as mental health, self love and having the best college experience even if it may be an unusual one. She also adds a bit of her hobbies such as books and creative endeavors to her storytelling. Beyond Her Campus, Lilliana works as a Jr. Executive at Rosado Toledo& where she helps maintain a clear communication between brands and the agency and makes sure the clients’ needs are being met on a daily basis. She has worked as a freelance social media manager for small businesses such as restaurants and hair salons. She interned in the advertising agency previously mentioned which opened the doors for her to join the team part time. She is currently a senior at the University of Puerto Rico Rio Piedras Campus, majoring in Public Relations and Advertising. In her free time, Lilliana enjoys indulging herself in fantasy novels and woking on a draft of her current novel. She also loves visiting coffee shops around her area to spend time catching up with her friends. She’s a whole hearted Swiftie and is committed to learn every single song by heart.