How to Survive a 3-Hour Class

Class is sometimes unbearable because it feels like every minute lasts forever. At other times, the hours just fly by, and you can finally get out of class without having to worry about being one more hour in the same classroom. The same can’t be said about 3-hour classes. It is sometimes unavoidable to take a 3-hour class. It’ll probably happen at least once while you’re in college. The feeling of every minute taking forever becomes worse, while you take a course of this length, because you have to stay much longer than you would in any other classroom; however, if you do some of these tricks, a 3-hour class might not seem so bad.

Bring Snacks

If you get hungry during a 1-hour class, then you’ll be most likely dying of starvation in a three-hour class. Being hungry will not only distract you from your classes, but you could also put your health at risk. This, of course, depends on when was the last time you ate. Bring snacks to your class to avoid that. Whatever fills you up, be it chips or a sandwich, will do the trick.

Bring a cushion

One annoying thing about taking a 3-hour class is having to sit on those cold, hard seats for so long (and depending on the professors) without a break off of them. Bringing a cushion or sitting on a jacket will ensure your comfort while taking notes during the lecture.

Be as rested as possible

Sometimes it’s hard not to fall asleep during class. It’s even harder when you’re in the same classroom for a longer period of time than what you’re used to. Taking a nap before your 3 hour class will do the trick; if not, try drinking some coffee to help you keep awake during the class. However, the best solution is to get a good night’s sleep the night before.

Read the assignments

Needless to say, it is a bit redundant to say this, but do your homework. You can sometimes get away with not reading the assigned texts before a 1 hour class, but it’s really awkward if you don’t during a longer one. The professor grows even more impatient if you don’t read the work, and the classroom gets really silent and unsettling if nobody is participating actively in the class.

Ask For Help

If you don’t understand the assignment you’ve read, dont hesitate to ask your professor to explain to you. This shows that you’ve made the effort to read the assignment and you’re trying to understand it completely. The professors will be more than glad to answer whatever question that you might have. If you don’t ask the professors anything, even when you don’t understand it, they’ll just assume that you do or that you didn’t do your homework.

Whatever the reason that you’re taking a 3-hour class, always be sure to be prepared in every way possible. It will help you on the long-run and make a huge difference in your grades. If the class makes you feel tired and you feel like you won’t be able to survive 3 whole hours in the same classroom, try these tips out. They will help you a whole lot if you do.