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Homage to Finals Survival Kit.

At the end of the semester, we Collegiettes would like to give a shout out to those wonderful items that have helped us survive the semester.  Here’s a few things we are extra thankful for that helped us survive Finals.


First and foremost, my personal favorite, the throw blanket. You can’t even imagine how much this beauty kept me going while I pulled all-nighters, back hunched over the laptop, trying to get to the page limit that no matter how many quotes or examples you throw at it, you just can’t seem to get it. 


The Cold-Eeze tablets also helped us Collegiettes when the random rainstorms did horrors to our immune system, our throats were sore but we pushed through the runny noses and coughing fits to take that final exam.And a special shoutout to #ActuallySheCan for being our little light of motivation in the darkness! And the admitsee.com for the rad bags that carried our tissues, hopes, and a few dreams that survived the night. 



Gabriela Taboas majors in English Literature in the University of Puerto Rico Rio Piedras Campus.  While editing articles, she also writes fictional stories, dabbles in poetry, and tries to survive the day with only one cup of coffee. She's been a Her Campus contributor since 2014 and Campus Correspondent since 2015. 
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