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Holiday Gift Guide to Support Small Businesses

The holidays are upon us, so once again, we have the arduous task of finding the perfect gift for your significant other and friends. This year has made the journey much harder, taking into consideration that going out can be a health risk. But worry not! Here are some gift options that your significant other and friends will enjoy while you support small businesses!

For the geeky friend

If there’s something all geeks love, it’s merch! But why not make it extra special with a personal touch? We recommend that you get them a custom Funko Pop! Check out TheShopofFaerie on Etsy to get that unique figure! If you’re looking for something else, you can get them personalized lamps! This will give their merch collection that unique touch.

 For the clingy s/o

They always want to be by your side, so you should give them something that reminds them of you. We suggest a star map, which is basically a map of what the night sky looked like on the day of your choosing. You can even find the day you met or their birthday, and get it for them; simple and touching. Check out @grace.marie.art on IG if you want to take it a step further!

You can also find clothes for couples or a matching item set. That way, they’ll always have a piece of you nearby.

For the academic friend

The friend that somehow seems to have everything together. They for sure would appreciate a stationery set for their journaling; make sure to get stickers too! Another option is jewelry, a good pair of earrings will make them stand out.

For the artistic s/o

Creativity rules their heart, so you can’t go wrong with a printout of their favorite artist! If they lean more towards the musical side of things, get them a Spotify glass of their favorite song. Regardless of what you choose, they will totally appreciate it!

Hopefully, this guide will save you a trip or two to the outside world. Stay safe and happy holidays!

A sour patch kid raised in the small town of Villalba, Puerto Rico (she'll argue that she's from Ponce though). She's a total geek who takes everything one fandom at a time. Her major is Creative Writing.
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