Forever Pajama Party: Living With Your Best Friend

Before starting this strict quarantine after the spread of COVID-19, how many of you loved staying at your best friend’s house and spending the night watching series or movies, gossiping, and even remembering that one time when one of you did something embarrassing? You enjoyed every single moment of starting the weekend with the same person you’ve seen the entire weekーbut you weren’t tired at all. You felt welcomed by her caring family.

 Those were such good times. It felt like there wasn’t a care in the world that could distract you from such bliss. Now, you’re at college, and most of you have probably discovered that, during isolation, you can’t survive the quarantine without your best friend. You miss your soulmate and confidant, but it’s still possible to reunite again, at least for those in the same city.



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Claudia Ramos Rodríguez and Dahiana de Jesús Rivera, two 20-year-olds from Jayuya, Puerto Rico, have known each other since middle school. They weren’t very close friends but still had a good time around each other. It wasn’t until high school that they became closer and started a friendship that remains strong to this day. They feel comfortable around each other and have established a great bond since they moved together to Cayey to study at the University of Puerto Rico–five cities away from home.

Even though it proved quite challenging to live alone and relatively far from their families, these talented young women had survived up until this third year under all the challenges Puerto Rico had faced: hurricanes Irma and María during 2017; the summer of 2019 in which the governor resigned after a slew of protests against government corruption;  the frequent earthquakes that began last December and continue occurring to this day; and the current COVID-19 pandemic. A very common Bachelor’s career, for sure. But most importantly, they have been determined to nurture and strengthen their friendship for the best, despite every hardship they might have faced on the way.

“I’ve always said it and to all the people that ask me: I won the lottery with that roommate.”- Claudia

At this moment, Dahiana is studying psychology, while Claudia is a biology student. Both are members of associations in their majors at the UPR campus. They like to have fun just like every college student should because they study full-time and deserve some nights out, but how was that transition to college life? 

“To stay with Claudia was, like, it was something I knew had to happen,” Dahiana commented before admitting she wasn’t sure about where to go, and that her friend persuaded her to look into her current program and enroll. In an interview with these two, they shared five reasons on how healthy it is to live with your best friend at college:

  1. 1. You can avoid mishaps.

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    Sometimes in college, you get to know people you really like and spend great times together… but is it the same when living under the same roof, by the same four walls? Living with your friend is a benefit because you already know the person, avoiding the barrier that forms from a lack of trust. When you know each other, you already have an idea of each other's strengths and weaknesses, their personalities, who's more willing to clean the dishes or dust the floor, and when you just need time alone after a bad day. Having your best friend as your roommate assures you have someone who respects your needs because they know you.

  2. 2. Your bond reaches maximum level.

    “Considering college is a very transformative phase in our lives and as teenagers as well, living those first experiences with her made our bond stronger,” says Claudia, remembering her first two years living with her friend. Meanwhile, Dahiana agreed, describing that living with Claudia has made her consider her as part of her family because, with Claudia, nothing feels forced. Everything has been so pure and natural that it seems like there’s nothing that could break up this meant-to-be friendship. They have realized this throughout their cohabitating.

  3. 3. You will learn from them.

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    It’s pretty obvious that you could have some differences with somebody you live with, but what about turning the circumstance to your favor? “Living with someone [like Claudia], who’s always had my back […] has made it easier for me to open myself up and really talk about my feelings,” Dahiana expressed about what she had learned from Claudia. Having someone that listens to her has made her change the way she expresses herself. On the other sideーand a little on the humorous sideー Claudia has practiced how to be more organized, and has discovered a newfound relaxation in cleaning! Yes! 

    “[Dahiana] uses cleaning as therapy, so basically, she’s always tidying the apartment, mainly because she simply feels like it. I feel like I’ve learned that from herーnot seeing cleanliness as tedious, thinking of it instead as a form of therapy that it will ultimately make you feel better.” At the end of the day, Dahiana and Claudia’s friendship have proven that living with your bestie is sure to make you shift your perspectives on the simplest things in life, even with something as mundane as cleaning up.

  4. 4. Even though college gets stressful, you have the opportunity to enjoy time together and unwind.

    Claudia and Dahiana agreed that Sundays are the most stressful days of the week. After a whole weekend sharing with their loved ones, they have to make sure to put everything back where it belongs, go to the supermarket to buy groceries, and coordinate their journey back to Cayey. Fridays are way different when they’re both back in Jayuya. Harmony is in the air, and no matter how much they have to get done, they still spend time together during the weekends if there’s anything to do in town.

    On weekdays, it’s like a constant pajama party. After classes and maybe going out for a few hours, one of them gets back to their apartment, only to find that (surprise!) your friend’s still there. There’s no need to text or call since you have her in front of you to update, cry, laugh, ask for, or bring help. “That vibe of being between girls and talking about stuff, if you live with your friend, is there. It’s not exactly the same all the time,” but it stills works because they have their space to work and relax as if they were in their own, separate houses.

  5. 5. It helps you become more mature.

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    The most important observation that both students made was that, overall, housing far away from home had been a coming-of-age process because you have to do everything by yourself. At the same time, it also lets you better appreciate the moments spent with your family and the free time to do something you genuinely enjoy. On this, Claudia said: “It’s your space […] In some way, it’s an opportunity to grow and develop because you’re learning to live alone. It challenges you because you aren’t with your family, you’re missing your mom’s home-cooked meal, but [at the same time] you appreciate that when […] you get back to your hometown. You learn to appreciate what you have and what you don’t.”

    Housing with your best friend is one of the best choices you can try, and they highly recommend doing it if and while you can. “Living with one of my best friends has been a very positive experience, at least for me. It helped me to grow a lot and understand [friendship and life] even more, and I’ve created so many memories, so I don’t regret it one bit,” Dahiana concluded.

It’s a magical experience that maybe many of us might not have experienced yet, and maybe it isn’t until you experience something like it that you get to realize its benefits. If you can’t stay with your best friend during college, at least don’t let pajama parties die. Make sure to stay at your best friend’s home right after this emergency. We’ll need it.