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Foodie Friday: The Monkeys Have Arrived

 Chances are you’re either already a hardcore fan of these guys’ food trucks on Loiza Street or on Campo Rico Avenue, or you’re intrigued by the gorgeous IG photos and Facebook check-ins everyone seems to be making these days at Los Monkeys. One thing’s for sure: Los Monkeys is so wildly popular that they were able to expand their business from two food trucks into an actual sit-down place.

First thing’s first, I notice all the pictures on the wall: modern art/pop art depictions of monkeys, mostly. It’s cool. The vibe that you get  is really unique, because it’s a food place but it’s also sleek, with white walls and just enough detail to keep you entertained but not overwhelm you, and uncluttered. Now, food.



I’m here standing in line, pretending I haven’t tasted anything on the menu (I have!). I keep seeing just how detail-oriented this place is: Jack Daniels bottles filled with daisies that are so adorable, I want to steal them. One wall, as I mentioned, is completely covered in pictures while the other is painted with funny sayings in different “fonts”. Seriously, this place looks like a Pinterest project.  It’s so cute and trendy, you won’t want to leave.

I opt for the Maduro Burger, which is a burger patty packed with ripe plantain. My friend orders the Tripulga Soft Tacos. As we wait, we start talking about the music and the frames on the wall. The playlist is excellent, filled with just the right balance of indie and throwbacks that it’s almost impossible to feel uncomfortable or out of place. The employees are very friendly and helpful. Someone at the counter shouts our names and we go get our food basket. Gorgeous setting and fast food? Done.

While we are sitting there enjoying our food, the place becomes more crowded by the minute. The Maduro Burger is delicious, and there’s so many options that everyone will find something to satisfy their burger cravings: there’s the Maduro Burger, the Chori Burger (meat and chorizo made into one beautiful patty? I’m dying), Chicken Pesto Soft Tacos (the specialty), Blue Burger (has bacon!), Chicken Guava Burger (delicious; just the right combination of sweet and savory), Soy Burger, and Tripulga Soft Tacos, among many other things. But guys, seriously, have I mentioned that the Chori Burger is really amazing? As of right now, the most popular item on the menu are the Chicken Pesto Soft Tacos: broccoli, cheese and pesto on top of chicken. If you try them with the pickle sauce, you will discover food heaven. Also, you can try this sauce with everything in the menu and it will basically make everything taste even more delicious.



Los Monkeys is ideal: the food is made to order, it’s delicious, affordable, and conveniently located on the Avenida. And ugh, yes, walking is involved, but isn’t it worth it? Beware: this place gets crazy packed around noon, so if you’re one of those people who goes Godzilla about having to wait for a table or in line, try to get there earlier or have lunch at a later time. The service is friendly and the place is wonderful.  Los Monkeys Rio Piedras are open from 11am to 10pm, Monday through Saturday. From the music to the frames on the wall, everything is arranged to make you feel comfortable.

To stay connected with Los Monkeys and see their business hours and other information you can add them on Facebook (Los Monkeys Rio Piedras) or follow them on Instagram and Twitter (@losmonkeys)

And remember…let’s go bananas!

*All photos courtesy of Los Monkeys’s Instagram account, @losmonkeys*


Gabriela Cirilo is a Marketing student at the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras campus. She's currently an intern at the IT company and consulting firm Wovenware Inc. Gabriela is a social media and movie addict. She enjoys reading, swimming and listening to new music. Also she loves fashion...and history. 
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