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The spooky season is upon us, and I am ready to watch all the non-scary films. I’m the type of person that loves the ambience of Autumn. I love to cozy up to a good spooky book, listen to Autumn music like Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra, or Nat King Cole, turn on my pumpkin scented candle and enjoy a nice pair of socks for rainy days. Most of all, I enjoy watching mysterious and suspenseful movies. However, I can only enjoy a specific genre of movies. I cannot stand gore or jump scares, which is why I see these movies when the chilling season begins. Each movie brings me back to my childhood and reminds me why I enjoy Halloween. 


Halloween is cool! Known as a spooky classic, this movie is also quite popular due to its integration of fantastical elements and adventurous atmosphere. Growing up, I used to love watching the children discover this mysterious town while making me feel part of the action. The story centers on Marnie, a Halloween enthusiast, who discovers she is, in fact, a witch and must help her family save Halloweentown. With an amazing cast of characters, each unique and interesting personality makes you fall in love with this fun film. Personally, I loved the part where the children are searching for the items to enact the spell. You get to explore the town with them as a viewer, making the story feel real. A truly impressive performance by the late and great Debbie Reynolds, Kimberly J. Brown, and the rest of the cast. 


This family horror story will keep you on your toes, with all its twists and turns. The movie is centered on a young girl named Coraline, who moves to a new house where a secret door sets her off in a dangerous adventure. The stop motion animation is impressive, making the characters pop out and look livelier. As the mystery unfolds, you feel even more captivated by the story. Growing up, there were scenes in the movie that truly terrified me, but I was so invested in the story that I couldn’t look away. In short, this movie tells a charming story that will surely inspire you to buy a pair of yellow boots and avoid any mysterious doors that lurk in the shadows of your home. 


Go Twitches, Go Twitches! Another favorite of mine, this story is based on the book The Power Of Two by Susan M Heitler. It focuses on twin sisters, Apolla (Camryn) and Artemis (Alexandra), who were separated at birth to be protected from the evil that plagued their magical dimension of Coventry. As a twin sister myself, we too wanted to develop magical powers and stumbled upon a mysterious world. Starring the wonderful Tia and Tamera Mowry, the story will make you wish you had a long-lost sister and an adventure waiting to be discovered.


A virgin lit the candle. Classic words spoken in this memorable and fun film. Set in Salem, Massachusetts, this witchy story will make you laugh, feel tense and captivated (all at the same time!). A fantastical and wonderful journey, this story centers on the legend of the Sanderson sisters. After Max Dennison lights the Black Flame Candle, trouble inevitably ensues. Alongside his younger sister Dani, his new crush Allison, and the cursed cat Thackery Binx, they must all come together to defeat the evil witches from becoming immortal. All in all, this star-studded cast will likely inspire everyone to sing “I Put A Spell On You” every Halloween season.


I cannot hear the song “Banana Boat Song (Day O)” by Harry Belafonte without thinking of this movie. Beetlejuice is a Tim Burton classic with all the elements that make his films memorable. After Barbara and Adam die in a car accident, their spirits are stuck in their house and are unable to leave. Then, when the Deetzes family and their daughter Lydia move into the house, they try their best to make them leave. But relying on the unruly spirit of Beetlejuice creates bigger problems than what they imagined. Tim Burton’s unique style and usage of black and muted colors gives the film a specific look and feel. With amazing actors like Winona Ryder, Michael Keaton, Geena Davis, Catherine O’Hara and more, a notable soundtrack and creepy undertone, everything comes together to create a timeless film. 

These are just a few of the movies that I love to see during this season. Some of my honorable mentions include: It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie BrownThe Addams Family, The Nightmare Before Christmas, The Little Vampire, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, ParaNorman, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, Practical Magical, Bewitched. So grab some popcorn and your favorite candy, and enjoy these spooky tales.

Kayla M Altagracia Jimenez is a book lover who enjoys writing stories, painting, bullet journaling, listening to music, watching shows and movies. An English Literature student at the UPR Rio Piedras Campus, she loves wandering on new adventures. She dreams of becoming a renowned writer and making a meaningful difference in the world. Admires writers like R. L. Stine, Toni Morrison, and John Green.
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