Fall Fashion Cheats for a Tropical Weather

While we do live in a tropical island with temperatures that can easily get us sweating, hoping for the sweet caress of air conditioner against our skin, there are always a few of us who cry from afar, watching the cute fashion inspired posts when Fall arrives. We cry because, well, it is just not possible to work layers, long pants, and that cute warm cardigan, when our mental sanity and body temperature just can’t allow it. So, why should we suffer for fall fashion when we can easily make it work in our favor? Our advantage is that we can incorporate those warm, cozy looks, then make them refreshing by adding simple things like shorts and sandals.


Up next, we’re going to give you some examples and tips on how to rock Fall fashion with your very own tropical twist (while avoiding a heat stroke).


Avoid the stress with a dress.

These cute and short items are more than convenient when it comes to hot temperatures. For Fall, the looser the dress, the better. It's all about looking laid back, comfortable, yet stylish with patterns and warm colors. From burgundy to brown, match it with flats, boots or sandals and a cute hat and you’re good to go!


Summer layers in fall colors.

While we know that having more than a blouse, bottoms and shoes on can get a little hot (other than the usual hot style you’re pulling off), there are ways to keep yourself feeling easy breezy, without having to suffer from the heat. The trick is in finding the right fabrics to combine, keeping the outfit light, but intricate. Lightweight blouses and shirts, a thin cardigan, along with shorts and some sandals are sure to make you look fresh off a Fall catalog yet in sync with the tropical that surrounds us.



Light sweaters for a cozy look

If there is one thing everyone loves about Fall is the opportunity to wear over-sized everything. From sweaters to shirts, Fall cannot go by without being able to throw on the most comfortable piece of clothing that probably exists in our closet. The trick to making it work with the hot weather is to find the right fabric and the right texture. Lighter sweaters are the ones that are going to keep you fresh and also help the breeze hit you better. For the shirts, keep them long and light as well, pair them with leggings or shorts, cute boots or peep toe heels to make good use of the privilege of being able to show your toes without them freezing off.



Cropped top fall magic

For Fall you usually can’t expose any part of your body, but thanks to our weather, we’re free to mix and match clothing pieces without having to worry about freezing. A current favorite for everyone would be cropped tops. For fall you’re able to either layer or wear it as simple as you wish. To get into the right spirit, you can often find sweaters with the cropped style, and many warm colors for the fabric that make the cropped top idea perfect for Fall.


One thing is for certain, don't shy away from being bold!


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