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Embarrassing Thanksgiving Stories That’ll Make You Feel Better About Yourself

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UPR chapter.

Need a pick me up and a good laugh? Search no more! These mini-stories (kindly provided by our friends) will help you forget all about your own embarrassing anecdotes, or at least make you feel less alone during turkey season. Gobble gobble!

Warning: Don’t read this if you can’t withstand the cringe!

“Once, when I was 11 or 12, I tripped on the carpet and landed face first on my aunt’s bosom. It was… suffocating. No one’s forgotten about that, and now I’m known as boob boy.”

– Anonymous, 19


“We arrived extra early to my grandma’s house as a surprise last year. Let’s just say she likes to cook ‘comfortably’.”

– Michael, 24


“I got my first period on Thanksgiving. I’ll never give thanks for that.”

– Josie, 21


“When I was a kid, I used to eat turkey cut up into little slices and bathed them in ketchup. I ate them with my hands. So, one time when I was at my grandma’s house eating my turkey-ketchup concoction really fast, I bit my finger and started screaming and crying. My cousin got scared thinking that I’d been hurt. He went to the kitchen and brought me some ice. Everyone was FREAKING out until they realized that I’d just bitten my finger and had little tolerance for pain. TA-DA!”

– Gabriela, 19


“My mom used to dress me up as a turkey every single Thanksgiving until I turned 13, and I finally put my foot down. The turkey-ing had to stop.”

– Anonymous, 22


“My friend invited me over to her family’s Thanksgiving dinner two years ago. The main table was too crowded, so I had to eat dinner with her 80-year-old grandma at a separate table. She never spoke. Not. Once. I talked to her throughout the entire meal until my friend came over and said her grandma was deaf.”

– Erica, 23


“My 48-year-old uncle brought his 19-year-old girlfriend to Thanksgiving dinner. She used to sit next to me in math class, and we even had lunch together once.”

– Anonymous, 20


“When I was 9, I ate a piece of my mom’s flan, and then I immediately puked it in front of our entire family. No one touched her dessert after that.”

– Anonymous, 18


Hopefully, your Thanksgiving Dinner isn’t nearly as embarrassing!

Hey, there! My name's Yamilet but you can call me Yami (way cuter, right?). I'm a psychology major student at the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras campus, who also happens to enjoy writing in her spare time. I have a pug named Sushi, and together we come up with stories to share with the world!