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Get ready to seriously upgrade your playlists, music lovers! I’m about to introduce you to some of Puerto Rico’s coolest indie artists that you simply must listen to. Even if you don’t speak español, trust me一these boricua beats will have you singing in the shower and hosting solo karaoke sessions in your room.

Andrea Cruz

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(Image from ágora)

Andrea Cruz’s indie folk music is simply wonderful. I don’t have enough words to recommend this incredibly talented singer. I’ve seen her and her band Las Flores perform live, and they’re amazing. Some songs I love from Andrea are “Cuadrado no es,” “La nana del Coquí,” and “Lejos.”  

Seba Otero 

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(Image from Seba Otero Facebook Page)

If you want to listen to an explosion of sound and music that transports you to trippy alternate realities, Seba Otero is an artist you have to listen to today. In his music, you’ll find electronic elements, melodies, and rap. Some of the songs I can recommend are “Malabar,” “Miel y Mantequilla,” and “Guapea.”

Los Wálters

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(Image from Los Wálters Facebook Page)

Every indie music lover in Puerto Rico has heard of Los Wálters and their unique synth-pop style. Some of my favorite songs are “Desastre Comunal,” “Mayagüez,” and “Pop sin ti.”

Sofía Paola

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(Image from Sofía Paola Facebook Page)

This Puerto Rican singer-songwriter has captivating melodies, which often lead us to self-reflection. Her songs and lyrics undoubtedly deserve applause and recognition. Don’t miss out on “Más,” “¿Quisieras?,” and “Musa introvertida.” 

Del Mismo Racimo

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(Image from Del Mismo Racimo Facebook Page)

This Puerto Rican family musical trio combines modern and retro rhythms for a one-of-a-kind sound. My faves are: “Orilla,” “Grietas de Oro,” and “Fortín de Edredón.” 

Klaro de Luna 

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(Image from klarodeluna.com )

This duo’s folk-pop vibes fused with Latin American, Caribbean, and flamenco rhythms blew me away this year. Check out “Alas de Abril,” “Tus manos en mis rizos,” and “Me haces bien.”


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(Image from MILA music Facebook Page)

With influences from Latin American folklore, pop, and nova trova, Mila makes art with her songs. Her must-hears: “Magia,” “Relájate,” and “Mi guitarra y tú.”

Abraham Dorta 

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(Image from Abraham Dorta Facebook Page)

This artist has one of the most captivating voices I have ever heard. Personally, I can’t stop listening to it. One of the things I love most about his music is listening to the cuatro and the variety of influences his songs feature. Some of my favorites are “La lluvia de los Gandules,” “No Vente Sentir,” and “Grillete.” 


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(Image from Chuwi Facebook Page)

This band of siblings from Isabela make conscious tunes about Puerto Rican life, with delightful Caribbean influences. Try out “Tierra,” “Tikiri,”  and “Puerto Rico.”


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(Image from Sebimor Facebook Page)

This high-energy band seamlessly blends pop, disco, and psychedelic rock. Check out “Tommy Bahamas,” “Despierta Boricua,” and “ Si tú quieres más.”

Want to hear all these songs? Here’s a playlist you can check out! Let us know一which is your favorite?

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