Compiling the Best #Inktober Submissions So Far

It’s October, which means hashtags such as #inktober, #witchtober, and even #chilltober are trending. Artists all over social media are once again joining the annual challenge to produce art every single day throughout the Halloween season. Some artists rely on a prompt list, while others create off-topic pieces. These are 15 of the most creative #inktober2019 submissions on Instagram so far. Keep your eye out for more though, there will be new art all month-long.

  1. 1. @thecantogirl’s Ring

    Going off of the official @inktober prompt list, this artist did such a clever take on day one’s prompt, “Ring.” Her concept is smart, the character’s pose is dynamic, and the lingerie is just fabulous. A++.

  2. 2. @miacat0’s Mindless

    Also based on the official Inktober prompt list, this piece is tackling the theme “Mindless.” At first glance, it’s a sweet drawing of a cute girl dancing with a robot. Upon closer look, you’ll notice the robot is a) decapitated, and b) has a dagger punctured through its chest. The girl herself is carrying a gun and has a badass skull tattoo to match. It’s all in the details.

  3. 4. @asayris’s Mummy

    Talk. About. A look. The detailing is amazing. The mummy in the drawing is so life-like, and the gold accents are a really nice touch. They give the piece a finished haunting look. The most impressive part is the eyes. Look at her eyes! This mummy babe is a knock-out. The artist really did the most.

  4. 5. @paulaoohla’s Candy/Build Mash-Up

    This artist combined two words from two different prompt lists: “Candy” and “Build.” Honestly, “Halloween Gingerbread House” should’ve been its own prompt because it's brilliant! Bonus points for the cute pumpkin helper. The little guy is cleverly placed in all of @paulaoohla’s drawings.

  5. 6. @schmoedraws’s Zombie

    The best part about @schmoedraws’s Inktober posts is that they’re an ongoing comic—with her real-life son as the main character. The “Zombie” one is so original ‘cause the zombie isn’t even the point of contention here. Your child going missing on Halloween night is honestly scarier. If you wanna know what happens to little Remus, follow @schmoedraws for more. Doo iiit.

  6. 9. @susancurrydesign’s Spooky Lady

    Sometimes it’s all about simplicity. This is especially true when you’re trying to meet the quota of posting a drawing daily. @susancurrydesign does a great job with her minimalistic approach. The clean, straight lines are so crisp it’s hard not to be drawn to this “spooky lady.”

  7. 10.’s Pattern

    This one’s captioned: “He decided to spice up his wardrobe with a few patterned quilts he’d found around the mansion". I mean, is that not the most precious thing a ghost has ever done? It’s such a novel idea for the “Pattern” prompt too. Let’s also appreciate the fact that did this on a post-it.

  8. 11. @theanimatedlife’s (Snow) Angel

    The details, the pun: it’s all lovely. The piece also doubles as Supernatural fanart. Several of @theanimatedlife’s submissions have been inspired by the series. So, if you're a fan, you'll no doubt enjoy this artist's work. If you're not, it's pre-tty spectacular art anyway.

  9. 13. @lucydash_art’s Pattern

    There are a couple of things going for this submission: it’s animated, it’s literally several drawings in one, and it serves as Stranger Things fanart. If anyone’s considering dressing up as ’80s Eleven for Halloween, here’s your inspo. Follow @lucydash_art for more!

  10. 15. @aizearoca’s Mombie

    Behold, the “mombie.” This artist’s twist on the “Zombie” prompt is both hilarious and awesome. The concept is not only creative but grounded. Moms dealing with their children’s sugar rush this Halloween season will surely relate.

It’s hard to keep track of all the incredible art circulating the internet right now. This list covers less than a handful. Consider it an intro. to what’s to come. While you’re at it, follow these and more artists for eye candy all through October.