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Comic Con is Over! What Do I Do Now?

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UPR chapter.

Puerto Rico Comic Con is a two-day event that’s filled with excitement. So many people dress up. Other sell art. Some do amazing cosplay and other people go for the low-maintenance look. Everything always ends up wonderful and I always find myself feeling down after one of the events. I ask myself, how do I deal with the sudden nothingness that overwhelms me when I exit the convention? I get home with a rush of adrenaline that came from hanging out with my buds and having fun. That dread in which you know you’ll have to wait a whole year for another Comic Con to come around, or even just knowing that was your only day out of your dark cave known as your room.

Prepare for next year.

Is this preemptive? Maybe. Is this rushing it? Maybe. Will you feel satisfied with it? Most definitely. If you’re someone who cosplays, then this is super easy to do. You can start by planning next year’s outfit. If you want to make a really elaborate cosplay, now is the time: draw up plans, make lists of materials and sketch out your design. If you aren’t a cosplayer, make the best of having time on your hands and actually start learning to make anything and everything your heart desires; the sky’s the limit. You could end up with a really nice cosplay in a year’s time.

Go to local conventions!

Let’s shine a light on those local conventions not many know about. In Puerto Rico, there are many small-town conventions that are incredibly fun and exciting. Even though they aren’t as big as PRCC they’re still worthwhile. Some of these conventions are AguadaCon, First Attack, Epicon PR, Cosplay 4 Cause and others! You might end up finding conventions that you love for their charm. 

Take up a new hobby.

Finding a new hobby isn’t as hard as you think it is. You can make a list of things you’ve never done before but have been meaning to try. You can get to them before the next convention starts. Writing is also a nice way to take up your time, so why not whip out some good Wattpad stories (that we lowkey never finish)! Maybe take up painting or drawing, give more to your community You can do anything to get you out of a sulky post-con mood. You could always just get a quiz to tell you what to do.

Get around to that to watch list…

There isn’t a lot to say here, because, basically, almost everyone watches shows. Sit down, grab a drink and a snack and sit down to watch some Netflix. There’s also a good way to shake off the blues by watching some nostalgic TV shows, animes, or even movies. I mean who doesn’t like some good Jeepers Creepers at 3 AM?

Stay in touch with your inner ‘weeb’ and watch Sailor Moon all over again. We can also touch the subject on how the first YuGiOh was better than the second one (all opinions are welcome of course). Release your tranquility while chanting a big Kamehameha with Goku and join along his journey to collect the Dragon Balls and summon Shenron to get the three wishes!


Stay in touch with friends you met at a Con!

We all know that in conventions you meet and connect with people! Throughout the years, connecting with con friends has become a lot easier because of technology. Now when you’re feeling sulky, just hit up one of your brand new Con friends and hang out! It might seem easy to just say it, since the majority of the people you meet live far away from where you live, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Connect with them, write each other snail mail (which is actually exciting) and video chat by Skype or even oovoo! Anything to keep you going. Either way, always remember, there’s always another one next year!

These are some ways to cope with the slump, just some, but there are many more! Now with these suggestions I’ve given you, you are on your way to a speedy recovery for your Post Convention Slump! Here’s to the next con!

My name is Natalie Heredia and I come from Corozal, Puerto Rico. I am an aspiring actress currently studying in the University of Puerto Rico Rio Piedras Campus.