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Collegiette Struggles: Surviving Summer Classes

For most people, summer is a time to relax and forget about all the stressful things they endured during the semester, but for others, summer classes get in the way of that. Maybe you decided to take a summer class to get ahead in college, lighten your class load for the next semester or to concentrate during the summer on that difficult class you’ve been avoiding. Either way, it can seem difficult to go back to class after an exhausting trimester, so here are some tips to survive your summer classes.

Dress to beat the heat!

​Here's the thing: Puerto Rico is a tropical island. The summer is hot and very sunny. Trust me when I say that no matter what you wear, you're going to be sweating a lot. After Hurricane Maria especially, there are a lot of classrooms that don't have air conditioning. So, it can get hot fast. I recommend wearing adequate clothes for the heat. It’ll be hard to concentrate if you feel you might have a heat stroke during class. Also, drink a lot of water! You should wear loose garments that will allow airflow around your body and choose breathable fabrics that will keep you cool like cotton, linen, silk, rayon, jersey, and chambray.

Stay on top of your work.

Summer classes have a faster pace than regular classes. This is because we're trying to cram a semester's worth of material into a four-week, six-week, or eight-week program. That's crazy! Exams are more frequent and have more material, so it’s important you don’t stay behind. It’s tempting to take it slow since it’s summer, but if you don’t want to end up complicating your life or failing. I recommend you read Today's Advice: How to Stay Organized in College or 8 Ways to Organize Yourself and De-stress. You definitely have to learn to balance your time correctly, which brings me to my next point.

Schedule some time to relax.

If you plan your study and chill-out time, you won’t have to kiss goodbye your summer plans. It’s all about keeping your priorities in order, so you don't forget to do your homework before going out. To do this it's important you stay organized by marking test dates and deadlines for major assignments on a calendar. Then plan concerts, road trips and the rest of your summer bucket list around those dates. Keep in mind your friends are on vacation but you’re unfortunately not.

Taking summer classes isn't easy, and the fear of missing out can be intense if you see your friends having summer fun without you. In those moments, remember why you are taking classes in the first place to stay motivated. I hope this helps you to have a successful time during your summer, and that way keep your mind active and prepared for next semester.

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