Chorus Battles in the Twitter Community

Many people like to sing. Some people sing to themselves in the comfort of their home. Others go out and sing for the world to hear. What if you’d like to do both at the same time all while gaining the experience by competition? You can absolutely do so through what are known as “Chorus Battles”.


What are Chorus Battles or Youtaite Chorus Battles?

Chorus Battles (CB for short) are online singing competitions. Anyone has the opportunity to join groups of singers and to compete against each other through the recording of song covers. These Chorus Battles are then uploaded to YouTube and pass through a judging face by a group of people to determine whether each group passes to the next round in the competition or not. That’s why some Chorus Battles are also called “Youtaite Chorus Battles” with the merging of the words “Youtube” + “utaite”. “Utaite” is a Japanese term which defines a singer that uploads popular song covers in Nico Nico (a Japanese website) or YouTube, but it is specifically used in Chorus Battles that upload songs sung in Japanese. There are also other types of Chorus Battles that let you sing in any language.

In general, Chorus Battles require that your competition group have the following positions filled:

  • Mixer: the person who combines the vocals and music together

  • Tuner: the person who tones the singer’s voices for them to sound clear

  • Timer: the person who fits the mix in proper time with the music

  • Vocals: the people who lend their voices to sing in the covers.

Depending on the Chorus Battle’s organizers and rules, there may be other requirements. Some competitions require artists and animators to create original art for the cover videos that are uploaded on YouTube. Also, you have to watch out for any songs that are copyrighted! As the owner of a copyright, the original artist is granted exclusive rights for his or her music, such as making new works with their music, posting their music online, and many other rights including stopping other people from using the artist’s original music without his or her permission. This is very important because you might end up getting a YouTube strike without the artist’s permission. Even though Chorus Battles have a general format, they all differ in different themes, stories, and rules that make each Chorus Battle be different from each other with its own engaging storyline, and the best way to find more information on them is through Twitter. In each of their profiles, there will be a link to the competition’s rules and story.


Upcoming & Popular Chorus Battles

Redemption CB (RCB)

Amnesia has taken over your mind. Now you have to fight to get your memories back and gain redemption. This chorus battle requires multiple members (4-10) in a team to compete against other teams for their lost memories. It allows each team to sing in any type of language throughout each round of the competition. There will also be a prize for the teams that gain first, second, and third place! What is unique about this chorus battle that other chorus battles don’t have is the anonymity of the people that are participating. Each member will remain anonymous until the end of the competition, the goal of the CB being to only focus on the vocals without any “flashy animations” that might obstruct the attention from the vocals.

The Story:

“You open your eyes and blink, a great feeling of melancholy washing over you. Slowly, you sit up and see in front of you, a dark and vast area of land, it’s dark and haunting, yet somehow beautiful. You wander around for hours, searching for someone, something, anything. All the while, you ask yourself, how did I get here? You walk into a heavy mist and hear a voice speaking to you, “It’s been a while since I’ve had a friend to play with me, what is your name?” The sound gives you chills down your spine, but you open your mouth to answer; then you realize, you don’t know. “It seems you have forgotten, poor thing.” You see a shape in the shadows, watching you gleefully. “There is a way you can get it back, your name and your memories, that is if you are prepared. All you have to do is to play one little game with me”. You hesitantly agree. “Excellent. Shall we start then? Let's begin your road to...redemption.”

For more information, find Redemption CB on Twitter!


Harry Potter CB (HPCB)

The Harry Potter universe is seen throughout this elimination styled chorus battle. This is a chorus battle that requires multiple members (3-10) in a group to be part of the competition. It allows the groups to sing in any language throughout each round of the competition as long as it has an English translation in the video. The staff will give each group an item from the Harry Potter series that must be incorporated into the animation and art of the video in a significant manner.

The Story:

“After the defeat of Lord Voldemort, a new Dark Lord has risen and this time, Harry wasn't powerful enough to stop her...It was his daughter, Lily... And what man can fight his own daughter? Lily has since grown in power, locking away all those who oppose her that she once considered family. Ginny, Harry, Ron, Hermione and the rest of the Weasley's are all being held captive, their magic used to fuel Lily's. It's your job to decide who you're going to fight for. Lily, or the Wizarding World? How will you end this war?”

For more information, find Harry Potter CB on Twitter!


Ascension CB (A)

A world is full of glam and competition to take over the stage and ascend to the first prize. This chorus battle requires multiple members (4-10) in a group to be part of the competition. Each group can sing in any language throughout each stage of the competition as long as there’s an English translation for the song.

The Story:

“Rise to the Top! An over-the-top extravaganza where contestants compete for prizes. Ascension welcomes you all to stage one! The stage is prepped and ready to go, and all of us at Ascension are so excited to see your performances. Stage One: Why should you be in Ascension? Think of it as an audition tape. Where you can do absolutely anything to show off all your skills. Take this freedom as an opportunity to really wow the sponsors and let your creativity run WILD!”

For more information, find Ascension CB on Twitter!


Lotto Chance CB (LCCB)

A ‘game of cards and gambling’ is what describes this chorus battle during a fun competition for each group to have an assigned role as Animators, Artists, Mixers, Vocalists, and Jackals for each round (game) of three. The people in each group will change roles in each game. This chorus battle requires only eight members in a group to be part of the competition. In this particular chorus battle, the language for the song covers shall only be in Japanese.  

The Story:

“Come one, come all! Try out your luck here at Lotto Chance Chorus Battle where you’ll have a fun and chaotic chorus battle! The possibilities are endless, and it’s a real toss-up as to who could win! You better learn quickly if you want to survive out here!

This CB combines both luck and skill due to the nature of the CB.

“Are you ready to gamble?”

For more information, check out Lotto Chance CB on Twitter!


As I mentioned before, there are many opportunities to participate in Chorus Battles due to the variety of those competitions that emerge throughout the year. As long as you have a microphone or recording studio at your house, you can join in the fun journey of the online community of singers around the world. Experience the excitement of meeting new people that have the same passion as you, fighting for the same goal!


If you need help in recruiting members for your team in Chorus Battles or want to find other Chorus Battles, you can check out Chorus Battle Center and Youtaite CB News that help you do just that!

This is your chance to shine!