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Campus Cutie: Andrea Perez

Meet this week’s Campus Cutie, Andrea Perez, a girl who skates, dances, and loves science. There’s a reason why this girl’s middle name is Candy, she’s as sweet as it gets.: 


Name: Andrea Candy Perez

Age: 21

Classification: 5th

Major: Theater/Fashion Design (at Lisa Thon)

Relationship Status: Stable relationship with her dog

Hometown: Guaynabo

HCUPR: You’ve been skateboarding since age 7. How did it all begin?

Andrea: My father  has always loved sports, especially surfing, and anything that involved being outdoors. So one time I ask him if I could have a boogie board. At first he was hesitant about it, but he ended up giving in. I’m really thankful he did.

HCUPR: Who is your biggest influence? Why?

Andrea: My dad is my best friend. He taught me how to do so many different things. From telescope bonding, to arts… he’s the reason I have a passion for both the arts and science. He even let me take a sample of his blood to see it on the microscope. He also taught me about movie directors, films, and literature; from Edgar Allan Poe to the Lord of The Rings. My dad has done it all. And he introduced music into my life: he used to play the trumpet a lot before I went to bed.

HCUPR: What makes you an unique individual?

Andrea: I’m very easy to be around with, and open-minded. Also I’m a tomboy at heart.


HCUPR: What did you learn from your mother’s side?

Andrea: My mom is great. Everything I know about religion is because of her. Even though I went to a Catholic school, my mom said I had the right to choose what I wanted to believe in. She also taught me to be truthful to the saying: “my body is my temple”. I take it seriously.

HCUPR: Name three (3) places you’d want to visit and why.

Andrea: I would most likely end up in Australia and live by a Steve Irwin lifestyle. The second one, I’m not sure… a place like Thailand or Indonesia would be great. My last place is near home: Latin America. One of my goals is to go to the Machu Picchu to have my picture taken alonside a llama.

HCUPR: What’s something not many people know about you?

Andrea: I’ve never used crutches in my life. And I’m pretty good at gymnastics and ballet.

HCUPR: You have a thing for wild colors in your hair, is there an inspiration behind it?

Andrea: Of course! Gwen Stefani. I love her hair and style.

HCUPR: What are your goals?

Andrea: I want to travel around the world, create a movement to help animals and become a recognized Hollywood actress, win an Oscar. I want to make my dad proud.

HCUPR: What else do you do apart from acting?

Andrea: I do a little bit of everything. I can act, I like makeup, I sing, I model from time to time, I can also draw… and I like doing science experiments in my free time, creating crystals at home. Not Breaking Bad crystals, actual crystals.


HCUPR: Why do you enjoy experimenting with makeup?

Andrea: It’s a way to express yourself. Also it reminds me that I used to steal my mom’s makeup when I was little to do gory horror makeup, thanks to my dad’s taste in movies.

HCUPR: Describe yourself in 3 words:

Andrea: Adventurous, happy, honest.

*Some pictures were taken of Art Kingdom and Ernesto Javier Photography.

Nahir Robles was a former member of the Her Campus at UPR chapter from 2013 until 2018. She graduated with a Bachelor's in Integrative Biology. Some of her interests include writing, modeling, and wrestling. She is currently a Her Campus Mentor and works as a Pathology Assistant.
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