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Campus Carino Tommaso Pensato

Your world may be turned upside down if you suddenly moved around the globe. This Italian carino (that’s the Italian word for cutie!) left home to enjoy the warm beaches of the Caribbean and inmerse himself into a new culture. You may have seen —and have been stunned by!—him around campus. Read on to learn more about this gorgeous guy!

Name: Tommaso PensatoNickname: TommyClass: 2015Major: Languages and Communications  

HCUPR: When did you arrive to Puerto Rico? How long will you be staying?Tommaso: I have been here since last August and will leave in May this year. 

HCUPR: Why did you decide to come to Puerto Rico?Tommaso: I knew a lot about Puerto Rico’s culture and music and I think it is very interesting. Also, I was really eager to get out of Europe and visit America and the Caribbean.

HCUPR: What do you think of  the island so far?Tommaso: I really like it; I love the beaches and the people are really nice. Also, Puerto Rican women are a lot friendlier than Italian girls.

HCUPR: Which places have you visited?Tommaso: I have been to lots of beaches, to Cueva Ventana and El Yunque, though I did not get to see a lot of the last one.

HCUPR: How do you spend your free time?Tommaso: I am not going to tell you studying, because I don’t, haha! I listen to music, exercise at the gym and I like to go out every Thursday.

HCUPR: Where can you usually be found on Thursdays?Tommaso: I usually go to el Boricua, el Refugio or Viddy’s. I also hang out some weekends at Condado or Old San Juan.

HCUPR: Have you dated Puerto Rican girls?Tommaso: Ha ha! Yeah, it happened. (He was kind of shy while answering this question!)

HCUPR: So do you prefer Puerto Rican or Italian girls?Tommaso: Are you kidding?! Puerto Rican! 

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