Brief Insight on Politics

Election day is just a corner away! Also, in the USA, delegates are being distributed. As the days go by, caucus and primaries keep happening and right know we have almost a clear idea of the candidates preffered by the public. If you don’t understand how the selection of candidates works in the United States, here is a brief explanation.

Each party holds primaries to select the candidate that will be representing them in the elections for presidency. The selection of a candidate is decided by the amount of delegates each participant holds. The nominee with the biggest amount of delegates or the first to reach a specific number is the one that will be representing the party on the elections. Right this instant, the candidates of the Democratic party are Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.  On the other hand, the candidates for the Repulican Party are Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and John Kasich.



In order to be the candidate for the Democratic Party the person must reach 2,383 delegates.

Hillary Clinton currently has 1139 and 467 superdelegates*

Bernie Sanders currently has 825 and 26 superdelegates*


*Superdelegates are Democratic Party leaders who are free to support any candidate at any time up to the convention.

In order to be the candidate for the Republican Party the person must reach 1,237 delegates.

Donald Trump currently has 673 delegates.

Ted Cruz currently has 411 delegates.

John Kasich currently has 143 delegates.


One of the biggest primaries was held last Tuesday where only the states of Ohio, Florida, Illinois, Missouri and North Carolina were participating.


The Republican Party had 358 delegates on play and Donald Trump dominated the primaries with a total of 204 delegates forcing the retirement of Marco Rubio from the race who got only 6. Ted Cruz assured 41 delegates and John Kasich 80 delegates.


The Democratic Party had 691 delegates on play. Hillary gained a total of 371 delegates and, as for Sanders, he obtained 271 delegates.


It is still too early to determine the winner, but as the days pass, we get close enough to discover the participants that will be running up against each other for the oval office.




Not only we have elections in the States this year, but also here in Puerto Rico. During the month of November we will be selecting our new governor and you should know who the candidates are:


For the PPD (Partido Popular Democrático) the candidate is David Bernier.

For the PNP (Partido Nuevo Progresista) the candidates are Pedro Pierluisi and Ricky Roselló. Primaries will be held on June to decide which candidate will be running for the executive seat.

For the PIP (Partido Independentista Puertorriqueño) the candidate is María de Lourdes Santiago.


For the PPT (Partido del Pueblo Trabajador) the candidate is Rafael Bernabe.

Independent candidates are running too, Alexandra Lúgaro and Manuel Cidre.


It’s a long list of nominees and it is important for us the people and the voters to keep an open mind and listen to all the proposals and debates of each candidate. This way we can choose the best leader to run our country. Remember to always vote! It is your right and every vote counts.