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Boricua Fashion Bloggers You Should Follow on IG

Fashion blogging has been around for quite some time now, but it’s not a trending topic here in Puerto Rico. Those of you who are into the fashion industry might know that there are people writing about fashion who aren’t as well known as they could be. Here are some fashion bloggers, including my favorite two, that you can follow on Instagram if you wanna keep up with all the important events and learn about what is or will be trending:

Nathasha Bonet

Nathasha Bonet is the first fashion blogger I found out about, and I fell in love with everything she does. She has her own website in which she posts articles about what will be trending and also has some other writers that use her platform like VeroshK Williams, who writes monthly horoscopes. This journalist is always talking about self-care and women empowerment. She posts IG stories about fashion activities she attends and we can see how creative she can be based on her awesome pictures. 

Bonet also uses her account to talk about other topics like sex, pride, and politics. Last summer, she posted a picture showing her resentment towards the government after the Telegram chat Scandal and explained how these comments were degrading and disrespecting women.

The Bold Budget

Julles Hernández has been inside the fashion industry since she was 13-years-old and is one of my favorite fashion bloggers. She loves communicating through her IG stories, which always start with her special phrase “¡hola mi gente linda de Instagram!”. She’s very real and honest, keeps you updated with the fashion world, and always shares her achievements, like buying something that she really wanted after saving up for a long time (which serves as motivation for her followers).

Based on her IG page, she’s all about jewelry, boots, arm candy, and belts. Julles posts about items that she finds on sale, which is always a yes for our budget. Through her account, she shows that it’s possible to create the style you want without having to spend much. 

During the now-famous “Verano de 2019”, a movement where Puerto Rican people made the governor resign, Julles talked about how fashion is also political. She informed that the president of San Juan Moda (SJM), Carlos Bermúdez, was also part of the Telegram chat scandal, which eventually made him also resign from his job as the governor’s communications advisor. Julles talked about how she would not be supporting San Juan Moda, which is basically the most important fashion activity on the island until someone else takes charge. Bermúdez is still the president of SJM. She also wrote an article about fashion being revolutionary which you can read on her blog.

Oda a la Moda

Carla Fernandez to separate her time between fashion and med school. Her outfits are always on point, and her pictures are aesthetic goals. If you need outfit or picture ideas, then taking a look at her Instagram page is a must. She also has a really cool blog you can visit.

Barbie Brignoni

You might have heard about the “I know my content is good” podcast through Twitter, and this is the woman herself! Her point was to make a statement because her pictures and outfits are to die for. Barbie has had the opportunity to attend New York Fashion Week and share IG stories from her time there. She can go from wearing basic outfits to beautiful dresses in a second. You can check out her blog to read more about her experience on the NYFW and other eye-catching topics.

Danila Vassallo

Danila Vassallo isn’t a fashion blogger specifically, but her outfits count as the type of content you’d see on fashion blogs. She’s totally a fashion inspo! She recently started her own project called “Monday Girls” in which she basically serves as a motivational coach to help you do that thing you have been putting off. If you’re looking for motivation and cute phrases, then you should follow her. She also has a blog about life topics and is selling some pretty cute merch.

What I love the most about these bloggers is that they use their platform to talk about everything, not just fashion. They speak about the island’s problems and events, they give out outfit ideas, and they try to inspire their followers into going out and taking risks with what they want to do, motivating them to follow their dreams and doing what they love.

Laleska is majoring in journalism at the UPR Rio Piedras Campus. Loves travelling, fashion, reading books and sleeping. You can always find her with a smile on her face!
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