Bookish Wednesdays: Literary Couples

When we read a certain book (or book series), it is almost inevitable to fall in love with certain characters, more so when it’s a certain couple. No matter how different (or alike) these characters are to one another, we can’t help but squeal whenever they have a moment together and scream whenever they have a fight. These couples are just a few of those that kept us wanting for more during their journey in romance.


Vampire Kisses (Raven and Alexander)

Genre: Romance, Young Adult

I sincerely fell in love with this couple when I was just 12 years old. In fact, it was the book series itself that got me into reading. Raven grew up in the town of Dullsville, always being rejected for being the “weird” one, for being goth and not afraid of anything. Where Alexander is a painter from Romania who is also a vampire. Throughout the novel series, they have to face many obstacles both in and out of Dullsville. We can see how strong their relationship is throughout the entire novel and manga – yes, they made a manga based on the novel – series.


-Patricia De La Rosa


Fangirl (Cath and Levi)

Genres: Young Adult, Contemporary, Romance

I read mostly high-fantasy and horror, so my exposure to realistic love stories with happy endings is about 2 to 245. But this isn’t really a love story, this is Cath growing up and figuring out who she is and what she wants. Throughout all the drama and confusion she’s going through, Levi somehow makes his way into her life and complements it in a beautiful way. Their relationship is a wonderful balance between being the absolute sweetest and being up-front and down-to-earth, which I really enjoyed. They’re not “meant to be”, and don’t have this “Love (or Lust) at first sight” thing going on, they just are and their story just comes across as very real

-Alanise Morales


The Sun is also a Star

Genre: Fiction, Romance

Natasha and Daniel can't be more polar opposites than they already are. Daniel, being a poet at heart with a philosophical view of life and fate, while Natasha is a skeptical scientist that only believes in facts, datas and chemical reactions. At first, you can't help thinking that this is another love cliché where opposites attract, and it is, but at the same time it's so much more. Their relationship is a collision of two worlds that question the reality of what love and fate is, worlds that although different, are the same. A unique trait that this book present us is the diversity of this characters, Natasha being a black jamaican girl and Daniel a korean american. So, if you're interested a book with a diverse couple that discover and learn from their different opinions and backgrounds, then you will love to read about them.

Summary: Natasha and her family are being deported back to Jamaica. Daniel is trying to cope with his family's expectations of him going to a good college and being a successful doctor. In one day these two will meet and infinite possibilities will arrive. 


-Uliana Rodríguez


Pride and Prejudice (Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy)

Genre: Satire, Fiction, Romance

Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy are the two main characters of Jane Austen's iconic Pride and Prejudice. The best thing about reading the novel is witnessing how the pair's feelings towards each other transform as truths are revealed and decisions are made. Upon their first meeting, Mr. Darcy comes off as a proud, apathetic, and ill-mannered fellow, insulting Lizzy before they've even met. During their following meetings, Mr. Darcy quickly falls in love with her and when she rejects him, realizes he has to make amends and show Lizzy that he's actually a kind, generous, knowledgeable, albeit socially clueless man who truly loves her. Lizzy in return has to put aside her first impression and misconceptions and allow him to do so, falling in love with him in return. When they both put aside their pride and prejudice (thus the title), they realize they are in fact perfect for one another and will make each other very happy. They share many similarities and each have things to learn from one another.

-Gabriela Ramos