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Book Sleeves and Custom-Made Funko Pop! By Melanie

Some people like creating handmade things, and sometimes, the need for some extra cash drives them to sell their incredible creations. La IUPI is full of amazingly talented students that sell their products in every corner of the university's hallways. You can see the passion in everything they do. That’s why it’s important to support our classmates, friends, and just people in general; we need to support our #TalentoLocal. We’d like to present to you an amazing student with a passion for books that decided to sell book sleeves and custom-made Funko Pop! after making them for herself.




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Her Campus at UPR: Could you tell me a bit about yourself?

¿Puedes decirme un poco sobre ti? 


Melanie Pacheco: Of course! Hello everyone, my name is Melanie Pacheco. My pronouns are she/her. I'm a student at the University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras, and I study Comparative Literature and Art History. In my free time I read, write and do arts and crafts, like sewing and painting. 


¡Claro! Hola a todes, mi nombre es Melanie Pacheco. Mi pronombre es ella. Soy estudiante en la Universidad de Puerto Rico, recinto de Río Piedras, y estudio Literatura Comparada e Historia del Arte. En mi tiempo libre leo, escribo y hago manualidades, como coser y pintar. 




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HC at UPR: Book sleeves and custom-made Funko Pop! seem like an amazing and fun way to make some extra cash. When did you start making/selling them, and what inspired you to do it?

Los book sleeves y Funko Pop! personalizados parecen ser una forma divertida de obtener dinero adicional que muchas veces hace falta. ¿Cuándo empezaste a hacerlos/venderlos, y qué te inspiró a hacerlo?


MP: Initially, I began making them because I didn't have the cash to buy them or I couldn't find the one that I wanted, but after I began showing them online, a few people asked me for prices. That's when I began to sell them!


Inicialmente, empecé a hacerlos porque no tenía el dinero para comprarlos o porque no encontraba el que quería; después de enseñarlos online, algunas personas me preguntaron por los precios. ¡Así es como empecé a venderlos!


HC at UPR: Approximately how much time does it take you to make a book sleeve or a custom-made Funko Pop?

Aproximadamente, ¿cuánto tiempo te toma hacer un book sleeve o un Funko Pop! personalizado?


MP: For a book sleeve, I can take 45 minutes to an hour, while a Funko Pop! can take around a day or two to make them. It all depends on the complexity of the piece. 


Un book sleeve me puede tomar de 45 minutos a 1 hora, mientras que un Funko Pop! me puede tomar alrededor de uno o dos días. Todo depende de la complejidad de la pieza.




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HC at UPR: What type of materials do you use to make them? 

¿Qué tipo de materiales utilizas para hacerlos?


MP: For Funkos, I mainly use clay and acrylic paint, and for the book sleeves, I use printed cotton.


Para los Funkos, uso mayormente arcilla y pintura acrílica, y para los book sleeves, algodón con diseños.


HC at UPR: What's the price for your products approximately?

¿Cuánto cuestan tus productos aproximadamente?


MP: Approximately, the book sleeves are $10–$20, and the custom Funko Pops! range from $25–$60, depending on the complexity of the design and availability of the parts. 


Aproximadamente, los book sleeves cuestan de $10–$20, y los custom Funko Pops! cuestan entre $25–$60, dependiendo de la complejidad del diseño y la disponibilidad de las piezas.




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HC at UPR: How can we buy your products?

¿Cómo podemos comprar tus productos?


MP: You can shoot me a DM to any of my Instagram accounts, @theshopoffaerie, and @thebookoffaerie, or write me an email to thebookoffaerie@gmail.com.


Puedes tirarme un DM a cualquiera de mis cuentas de Instagram, @theshopoffaerie y @thebookoffaerie, o escribirme un email a thebookoffaerie@gmail.com.


HC at UPR: Do you plan on expanding to other book-related items to sell?

¿Piensas expandir y vender otros tipos de productos relacionados con libros?


MP: I have always wanted to make bookmarks, so maybe that could be my next bookish item!


Siempre he querido hacer bookmarks, así que tal vez ese puede ser mi próximo producto bookish.



The book sleeves are an excellent product for any bookworm out there—myself included. They protect your books and (bonus!) are super cute. On the other hand, the custom-made Funko Pop! are beautiful pieces of art and wonderful additions to any bookshelf. Go ahead and snag one of these splendid creations for yourself! You won’t regret it!


Angélica is a Comparative Literature in the University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras Campus. She's a wannabe writer that can be found cuddled up in her bed reading a book. Her biggest obsession is Harry Potter and anything to do with it. She has a lot of dreams for her future and hopes to work in a publishing house someday.
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