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Bonding Over Burgers: Fundraiser at “BUNS”

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UPR chapter.

On Tuesday, September 27th, we had our first fundraiser of the semester! It was at the newly opened “BUNS”, a burger shop coveted by many hungry people like us, at Old San Juan. 

Our excitement and nerves were running all over the place, always expecting the worst. Will people come? Will people like the food? What if something happens and nobody comes? What if another blackout happens? But alas, nothing grave took place; many came and ate and stayed a convenient amount of time. Everything went smoothly.

When I was told at first that we were going to have a fundraiser, I was pumped. Since I’m a newbie, this would be my first fundraiser as a true “Her Campus” member. I am now part of the sisterhood. 

Next, I was told it was going to be at “BUNS”… THE “BUNS”! One of the best burger places here in our island! I could already taste a cheesy burger in my mouth and see a vanilla shake in my hand. My food loving heart couldn’t take it. 

Right now Buns is the “hip” place where everyone wants to hang out, and for good reasons! The food is delicious and fresh, the ambiance is chic and modern, and the place has this homey feeling where you feel comfortable, wanting to stay more time. It isn’t just a burger shop for you to eat and leave fast, it’s a place for you to share and socialize with friends and family.

When the day of the fundraiser came, I obviously had to bring my best friend with me. It was bonding time. With burgers included, and gosh let me tell you about the burgers.  

I ordered a bacon cheese burger with cheese fries and it was just…

Here is a photo of it, so you can get hungry:

And I ordered an icee with it, because why not?

And my best friend ordered french fries with cheese and bacon, one word: mouthgasm.

After finishing our food, I took a chance and also drank the rest of my best friend’s mint chocolate chip shake. Sorry, not sorry.

When we arived at the establishment, it was around 6:00 pm, and it was still quiet. There were some of the Her Campus team members sharing a fun time and other clients here and there, but it was calm. It was after 7 o’clock that things started to get interesting. A lot of people started coming, including students from our campus. At some point we had to raise our voices to talk because it was so crowded. I was content because that’s always a sign that peaople are having a good time. 

After a delicious meal, we actually stayed there for almost like two more hours, talking, laughing, and basically bonding. Everyone around was doing the same. The atmosphere was one of fellowship. It was NICE. It was a good way to start the week. As for me, being new to this group of hard workers in “Her Campus” and seeing how this fundraiser was ran, it reminded me of the reasons I wanted to join “Her Campus”. The dedication put in every activity with the intention of making everyone feel welcome is admiring. I felt happy being part of something so great in the making. 

The members who organized the fundraiser worked very hard for this to be able to happen, everyone of us really appreciate it, because indeed, we all had a really good time bonding over greasy and addictive food. I really can’t wait for the next one. 

For everyone out there who is interested in coming over and supporting us in the fundraisers, we welcome you to come and invite every friend and family you have. We will gurantee you a fun and satisfying time. The next fundraiser will be at the “Ben and Jerry’s” in Torrimar on October 13th. This time we’ll be bonding over ice cream! Her Campus at UPR will welcome you with open arms. 

Call me Uli. English major and a giant bookaholic. "She gazed through a long reach of future days strung together like pearls in a rosary, every one like the others, and all smooth and flawless and innocent, and her heart went up in thankfulness." -Mary E. Wilkins Freeman