The Best Nail Colors for This Spring!

Everybody loves a good manicure! And we know how hard it is to find the right color for the occasion based on the season. I made it my duty to find those perfect colors fit for this spring. Therefore, which nail colors should you be wearing?

Pastels are, usually, the go-to colors for spring, because pastels = Easter, but even with their beauty and aesthetic, there are other colors that can make your nails look their best. Bettina Cosmetics, a Puerto Rican company, has the perfect collection that screams SPRING BREAK!


Neon Balloon represents the clear blue skies that we expect during our vacation. It is the perfect color for relaxing by the pool or in the sand, but don’t hesitate to dive into the deep.


Neon Carousel is perfect for an adventure. With its daring hot pink color, it makes you look fun and bold. It’s always a great shade for going out with the girls for an afternoon date or brunch.


Neon Tiger is a beautiful color that reminds me of the calmness of Easter.Even though it’s a lighter color than the rest, it has an edge that screams defying all expectations. Take advantage of the season and go pick out some gorgeous flowers, explore the fields and connect with nature.


Neon Magic inspires a lovely day for a road trip to anywhere, so go exploring and take lots of pictures with your friends and family!


Neon Carnival is dark and bold, but still, neon! It is perfect for a night out, exploring local pubs and dancing the night away with your closest group of friends.


Neon Trapeze is the best nail polish for a picnic with your SO or friends. Match it with a sundress or anything floral, and you are sure to rock the best manicure in the group.


You can find your favorites at your closest drugstore or at the Bettina Cosmetics official webpage. Happy spring break!