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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UPR chapter.

Let’s be honest. If you’re an artist or live for the art world one of these things (or probably all) have happened to you. Sometimes you really don’t want to admit that you spent fifty bucks on art supplies or that you accidentally drank from the paint jar you clean your brush in. But let’s be sincere, even though you don’t like to admit them, these are some of the funniest (or awkward) things about being an artist. You can’t escape it.


1. Wanting to buy so many materials but not being able to afford them

    Like that Surface Pro 4 you’ve always wanted, and it bugs you whenever you pass by the Microsoft store., or those Copics markers you drool over whenever you see someone illustrating with them, or those amazing Winsor & Newton watercolors that make you go nuts. And you lowkey sit by your monitor wishing you had a genie to wish for all of the unlimited materials.


2.  Payday!

When your work check or any type of income arrives, you’re ready to buy some new materials! (That you probably won’t even use or know where to store them). Our payday check goes *poof* all of a sudden. But hey, It all goes to a great cause! *Lowkey cries because: addicted to buying art materials.


3. The long search for your Tablet Pen


You’re going nuts. You have a commission to finish, but you don’t know where you left your pen. And at that moment, you notice it had been sitting with your mechanical pencils all along. Now, you don’t know whether to laugh, cry or facepalm yourself.


4. Buying your 10th sketchbook when you haven’t finished the last three ones                    

Pretty self-explanatory. You just had to get that new one that is a slightly different off-white version of your fave notebook.


5. Cleaning your paintbrush in your cup of juice/coffee and/or accidentally drinking from the paintbrush jar

 Yeah… Not the best taste whatsoever…


6.  When there’s more paint on your face than on your canvas


You have an itch on your nose, you went to scratch it, and boom! You look like you just got out of a paintball battle.


7. Having a messy desk, but when you clean it up you can’t find anything


Isn’t it ironic how you finally clean your desk because you need space and now you can’t find your materials because you don’t remember where you stored them?  K.


8. When you have an amazing idea, but your mind and hands don’t want to cooperate together

You know when you get those amazing ideas and you run to the drawing table, but when you start the drawing: first, you don’t even know where to start, and second, yeah… That idea doesn’t seem to be working out when it’s out of your brain.


9. Someone bumps into the table you’re drawing on.

Ohhhh boy…. When I’m drawing and someone bumps into my table, I feel like I’ll go on a butt-kicking spree.



Foolish mortal, how dare you bump into my table. You will pay!


10. Say goodbye to some of your clothes


Last time in art class, we were making a plaster mix for a sculpture we were going to work on. I’m going to be straight up honest. I didn’t think this much of a mess could even be possible in less than an hour.

I looked like one of those statues in Greece after I finished up mixing the materials. *Wonders if that’s how they actually did those statues*


11. People saying, “You draw awesome! You should draw me.”

This may be the most common one for us. Someone sees you drawing and they do not think twice before suggesting you should draw them for free. Instead of asking if you do commissions.

Umm… No.


Do you have any artist problems? Let us know!  

Artist, Student and Fangirl. I love to draw, listen to music and take pictures.