Another 9 Definitive Signs That You're an Huma Babe

The Faculty of Humanidades at the Río Piedras Campus of the University of Puerto Rico is one of the biggest in the entire university system of Puerto Rico. It is also one of the most colorful and vivacious colleges, and we’d go so far as to say that it’s one of the most beautiful ones out of all the colleges. We’ve got la Torre, the main attraction of the university; the theatre, and an art gallery.Humanidades, despite its beauty, is the most criticized college by pretty much every single person on this planet. Why? Well, it’s probably because an Humanidades student is one that does not have a clear and specific job after graduation. A degree in any of the Humanidades is a door to many opportunities. We’re known for our talented musicians and drama students who go on to represent the university on an international scale. Even after you graduate, students from the Humanities faculty stand out and for all the right reasons.

  1. 1. The Professors are lovely!

    You know that your professors are quirky characters but they are also the best at what they do, and they love doing it. Professors in Humanidades are known for their energy and their quirkiness. They love their job, and they demonstrate their passion for teaching with every class you take. They inspire you to follow your passions, and their classes are always a blast.

  2. 2. Your mind is off in fantasy lands.

    Your body might be in the classroom, listening to a professor talks about bizarre and obscure literary subjects, but your mind is probably a million miles away. It's like you're world-building the next literary masterpiece. Humanidades students daydream a lot. A lot. A lot. We daydream about many different things: a book we read, a historical event we learned about for the first time, a character we have to portray in a play, or analyzing a new language, and so many other things. I think that for every Humanidades student, our best ideas come in the most unusual and inopportune moments.

  3. 3. Matrícula week becomes The Hunger Games.

    When the period of selecting classes for the next semester comes by, you know that everybody’s going to fight. Everyone wants to get the best classes with the best professors. You know that this is perfectly normal, and it's part of life in Humanidades but, no matter what come Matrícula week, you whisper silently to yourself:  “Matrícula is coming”.

  4. 4. You probably have a septum piercing (or thought of getting one)!

    Septum piercings are all the rage now, and odds are that you are either on the bandwagon or have considered jumping on it. Whether it's for fashion, to make a statement, or to just look cute, you love your septum or are longing to have one. Also, a lot of the cute people in Humanidades have one too.

  5. 5. You have NO regrets.

    You don’t regret deciding to take on a creative field instead of technical. Being in a creative field is extraordinary. There’s something about going into a creative field that just seems right once you experience it. We learn that our imagination has no limit. Studying Humanidades helps us translate that imagination to paper and shows us how to use it in our lives. Humanidades is something that you receive a calling for, and once you are in it... Pure magic happens.

  6. 6. Your wallet is always at risk because of #TalentoLocal.

    You know that you can find hidden gems in the impromptu student stores all over the faculty. From books, t-shirts, jewelry, and even food. You know you’ll find quality stuff in the small student stores all over the faculty, and that you’ll get them at a good price too!

  7. 7. You write like there's no tomorrow.

    The wise words of Lin-Manuel Miranda “Why do you write like you’re running out of time? Write day and night like you’re running out of time?” echo truth when it comes to Humanidades students; since most of our evaluations are essays and reports, and not that many exams. We have to write so many essays and so many research papers that we find ourselves constantly writing. Humanidades students are basically Alexander Hamilton.

  8. 8. There's a 50/50 chance you’ll get stuck in the elevators.

    The elevators at the Humanidades faculty are incredibly unreliable, but who wants to take stairs? Laziness turns ordinary people into risk-takers. This is what happens to you every time you get into an elevator in Humanidades. Sure, you don't have to go up the dreaded stairs, but odds are that you either get stuck or the elevator takes so long that you arrive late to class. Either way, you know yourself which is why when the opportunity arrives, you’ll always take the elevator.

  9. 9. You see below the surface.

    Humanidades students are taught to be very analytical. Most of us have to read a lot. I mean, a lot of Shakespeare means that we have to analyze 500-year-old literary works and find out what the guy meant to say all that time ago. Doing things like this frequently allows us to over-analyze even the simplest things. Being an Humanidades student has made me look at everything twice since it normally isn’t what you think it is the first time.

  10. 10. The buildings are falling apart BUT...

    You still love the people, classes, professors, activities, and lessons you’ve learned along the way. You wouldn’t change this faculty for anything. Even though studying in Humanidades has its challenges, you are super proud of being a part of it, and you love your faculty. You consider it the best faculty, and you feel privileged to have been able to study there.

There are lots of things that can be identified with us, and these are only a few. No matter how many there are and how many flaws we may have, one thing is clear, Humanidades students are the best of la IUPI!