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A lesson of authenticity from the 1970s to our modern era

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If you’ve felt, in these past few months, that you have descended from a time machine while scrolling through your Instagram or any other social media feed, then you’re definitely not alone in this. The 70’s fashion trends are back and they’re totally cool to wear once again! Items such as clogs, crochet clothing, flared bottoms, sweater vests, bell sleeves, trouser suits, bell bottom pants, groovy prints and even retro sunglasses are making a comeback to our generation of fashion.

In our previous year, we took a step further into evolutionizing into the fashion trend we are launching today. This fashion came in the shape of a more light aesthetic clothing with the intention to lift up the spirits that were taken a down from the depths of the quarantine. 2021 saw a year of more bolder, fresher and gender neutral fashion looks with pieces like clogs, loose denim styles, flare leggings and low-rise jeans. It was a year of transitioning and gaining enough confidence for a style we’ve felt more comfortable with. At the same time, 2021 became a symbol to aspire for more personal and authentic style choices. It brought about an arduous feeling of rush and euphoria trying to decipher our very own trend and I think there was a part of that missing in 2021 that we’ve finally found this year: the aspiration of dressing with a sensibility of our very own authentic selves.

With summer just being around the corner, this 70’s retro fashion sense is ingressing in the most perfect time of the year. The 1970’s styles were mostly known because of their vibrant, energetic yet capable of showing off flashy colors and patterns. “Fashion tends to work in 30-year cycles,” once explained a freelance fashion stylist. We can say that styles that come back to life in the upcoming years take a lot of heavy inspiration from the past trends. It all is a vicious time loop of redefining what already exists and giving it a spin of their own to transcend into time further. The era of the 70’s has resurfaced and it’s time to hang those skinny jeans in the back of the closet, and bring those lively, flickering wardrobes out to play!

The 1970’s was the era for women to emphasize their confidence in wardrobe choices and for them to be able to define their own style in their own unique  way. We could say that she would wear the most untamed complexion by the day, but by night she would wear a giddy sunflower dress with bright colors and frisky undertones. What stood out amongst all the muffled glamor is that 1970’s abandoned formalness in preference of a more practical outlook. What made the styles of this century so exclusive and extraordinary was their way of functioning within the era of women and also men in general. The 1970’s were on the top of their game earning their place as a stylish but adaptable chic that aimed to be at the at largest sense of comfort. 

Fashion in the 1970’s sought to be remembered throughout the years to come because it emanated the art of self-expression through a series of packs of rags, eccentric attires and wild clothing that conveyed genuine emotions through its designs. The styles were bold, daring, spirited but above all, what really made this decade special in terms of fashion was the freedom and creativity it allowed its wearers. Masculine and feminine clothing gender roles were exchanged and it was like wearing your heart on your sleeve. High-rise pants that hung in between the waistline were worn by both sexes. There wasn’t a single look that embodied the decade as a whole in terms of styling and trends. And that was the whole beauty of it!

In this new era we’re living today, reliving the clothing history that redefined fashion comprehensively is a must. We’re now witnessing a generation in which we’re our own judges, our own adjudicators and our own soldiers standing on our own two feet. It consists of soldiers reclaiming their authority in the shape of freedom and the right to simply be our authentic selves through clothing. We’ve evolved into a wide-ranging mix of styles that were made essentially to gain personal choice in order to change the fashion world in its entirety.  We’re looking at the most inclusive yet distinguishing fashion and way of dressing, which could very much transition into being one of the most significant trends of them all. And here we are living it in flesh and bone.

Angel Alexander Salgado was born in Camden, New Jersey, but grew up and was raised in Puerto Rico. He is a student in University of Puerto Rico majoring in Creative Writing and Elementary school education. As a freelancer publishing author, Angel has always been ambitious about writing ever since he was seven years old. His journey began with a curious mindset and an impulse to tell stories to the world. Experimenting with songs and poetry, he later discovered his fascination for novels and narratives. In recent years, Angel has published three novels "Silent Road", "Bleed" and "The Last Legacy". He aspires for world positivity and to change people's perspectives that words and text on a simple sheet of paper can make an actual difference for the world.
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