9 Definitive Signs That You're An Huma Babe

The Faculty of Humanidades at the Río Piedras Campus of the University of Puerto Rico is one of the biggest in the entire university system of Puerto Rico. It is also one of the most colorful and vivacious colleges, and we’d go so far as to say that it’s one of the most beautiful ones out of all the colleges. We’ve got la Torre, the main attraction of the university; the theatre, and an art gallery.Humanidades, despite its beauty, is the most criticized college by pretty much every single person on this planet. Why? Well, it’s probably because an Humanidades student is one that does not have a clear and specific job after graduation. A degree in any of the Humanidades is a door to many opportunities. We’re known for our talented musicians and drama students who go on to represent the university on an international scale. Even after you graduate, students from the Humanidades faculty stand out and for all the right reasons.

  1. 1. You receive stressful questions!

    “Why are you studying that?"

    "What job can you get with a degree in arts?"

    "Are you going to be a teacher/professor?"

    "What are your plans after college?”

    No student gets these questions more than Humanidades students. And that's a fact. Even if you're very clear about your future (which is great by the way, congratulations), these questions are very tiring. They get super irritating when you're constantly asked about your future plans and your worth at family reunions.

  2. 2. Chanclas have become a permanent staple in your wardrobe.

    You’ve learned first hand that chancletas are the most comfortable thing you can wear on campus, and they go with absolutely every outfit even if you get cold.

  3. 3. You have 200 mental tabs open.

    A creative person’s mind is the equivalent of someone doing a research paper: there are about twenty tabs open and you haven't finished with any of them. If you're an English major, for example, your probably world-building which means that you have ten ideas and nowhere to write. Into a mental tab, it goes. I highly recommend you carry a notebook around because you swear you won't forget but, trust me, you will.

  4. 4. You've probably experimented with your hair way too much.

    You’ve dyed your hair like a million colors with a thousand different haircuts, every semester is an excuse to change your do. Your inner Frida Kahlo digs your wonderful colors, but your ends might not.

  5. 5. You always carry your current read in your backpack alongside the reading material assigned for class.

    Our backpacks tend to weigh a little more than usual. We carry a few books in our hands as we walk through campus. While most people think that we do it to carry less weight on our backs, the book or books we carry in our arms are usually our current leisure read that we want at hand. Either that or, your backpac is already filled with other reads!

  6. 6. Coffee is basically your life-blood.

    This is true for most college students, but Humanidades students seem to win the title for “Most Coffee Consumed In A Semester”. Maybe it’s not the requirement of caffeine for energy, but just the act of sitting down with a good book, or a pen and paper, with a cup of coffee is just something that is magical.

  7. 7. You know that the brownies and yogurt bowls from the Veggies are life.

    When you do your matricula, it's likely that your classes ended up being one after the other. This means that you have 10 minutes to eat, got to the bathroom, and rush to your next class. When you're rushing around, you know that Los Veggies is an excellent pit-stop. This tarp nook is a vegetarian food central. You can get a sweet pick-me-up like their brownies or you can grab one of those delish fruity yogurt bowls to get you through the day.

  8. 8. You have an arsenal of quotes.

    When 90% of your degree focuses on things that have happened, you likely think that you were born in the wrong generation. You spend a lot of your time exploring fictional worlds or you simply read a lot. These types of things usually have some effect on us. Most of us seem to have a quote from a movie, book, or powerful woman for any situation. This isn’t a trait just found in Humanidades, lots of other students do it also, but Humanidades students take the cake.

  9. 9. Compulsory shaving is stupid and it's a personal choice.

    A lot of Huma babes have decided that their body-hair something to love (which it is!). You’ve grown to love your body hair and ditched the razor. Or, you recognize that even if you enjoy shaving, it's a personal choice for each individual person! Like many women, trans women and gender-nonconforming individuals in your faculty, you understand that hair doesn’t make you less feminine or less attractive. What’s important is letting a woman or femme-presenting individual choose what they want to do with their body hair.

Ther are so many things that make a Huma student an Huma student and these are only a few. So, please stay tuned for the next part!