8 Things To Do Before You Graduate


Congrats soon to be grad! You’ve finally come close to achieving one of the greatest goals of all: graduating from college! But, have you done it all? No ragrets? Here are some reminders of stuff you should consider doing before picking up your diploma in June!


Thank your professors and significant people in your academic life

It might not seem that important or relevant, but it really is! After graduating, you’re entering the workforce, and guess who is already there? Your professors! Who knows if they turn out to be your co-workers or bosses in a near or distant future? That  possibility aside, they played a major role in your academic development and that shouldn’t go by unrecognized. We’re not telling you to visit ALL of them, but to go talk to those who really impacted your life, helped you develop special strengths and the ones you just simply loved because they were THE best!


Hang out at the places you never got to go during the semester

Jueves de Río, viernes de lo otro. Our campus is surrounded by a lot of nightlife places waiting for your visit. Even if that’s not how you roll, give it a go! You might have jammed up stress and surprise yourself with how much good a jangueo can do to you.  If that has always been your scene, you already know what to do.


Go to places on campus you’ve never gotten the chance to see

La IUPI is huge! We have a lot of buildings and spaces that not all students know about! Grab some friends and explore your gallera. Did you ever use the gym or swim at the pool? They have an itinerary, but they are definitely there for your use and entertainment. After all, you did pay the maintenance fee.


Meet new people from all the schools and faculties

Did you make enough friends? Did you even meet people throughout your college years? Try hanging out at new spots and talk to the people. Even though you may be shy, try and make friends by association; if you share some classes with the same people, try talking to them. College is not only for studies, remember that meeting new people is always an experience on its own. Also, it’s nice to know that after graduation, you will still have contact with the people you met. When you graduate, you will have a new social circle!


Eat the expensive food at the restaurants

You’ve eaten the cheap stuff, you’ve brought food from home: treat yo’self! If you’re never coming back for a long time, go buy the platter you’ve always wanted to taste but never had the time nor the money to eat such delicacy!


Talk to your crush/es

After all, if anything goes wrong, you might never see them again. And, if everything goes right, you definitely won’t regret this decision. In all seriousness, do talk to them! You never know what surprises they might give you. What if they liked you back? Or have something nice to say to you before you graduate?


Try to fix your grades

You can’t fix them all, because you only have one semester or less to claim a revision, but you can always be up to date with your current classes and talk to the professors. That way they’ll see that you’re interested in your grades and think of you when doing their final gradings. Usually, professors tend to be nicer to students who are finishing their studies...



Either you go big or go small, make sure you channel all the built up stress, the mixed emotions and the situations that made you the future professional you are today and will be officially in just a few weeks.


There’s not much left to say graduate! We hope you have the best of times doing all the stuff you want to do before the big day! Enjoy the ceremony!


Pictures from: Pexels

Map from: http://www.uprrp.edu/?page_id=594