8 Things to Do on Galentine’s Day

You may be wondering what is Galentine’s day. Well, I’m here to explain it to you. It’s a holiday mentioned by Amy Poehler’s character in the tv show Parks and Recreation Leslie Knope. It’s basically like Valentine’s day, but instead of being with your partner you celebrate with your lady friends or friends in general. Of course, the holiday has gone beyond just being a holiday from a tv show and it’s celebrated on February 13 by friends all across the world. After this clarification, you might be asking yourself “How am I supposed to celebrate this festivity?” or “What can I do with my friends on that day?” Well, you’ve come to the right place because I’m going to tell you 8 things you can do on Galentine’s day.


1. Go out to eat

One of the things my best friends and I do when Galentine’s day rolls around is go out to eat together. It doesn’t have to be to an expensive place (we normally go to McDonald’s because we’re broke). What matters is spending time together and eating food you enjoy. Going out to eat with friends is a great stress reliever. Plus, you’re getting food. How much better can it get?


2. Spa Day

This is a GREAT way to have some fun with friends. We all want to escape the stress of our everyday lives, and a really good way to do so is by having a full-on pampering session with your friends. Light some candles, turn on an oil diffuser, put some calming music on the background, do mani-pedis, face masks and some meditation. Catch up with your friends and do some gossiping while you are relaxing. In the end, you can turn it into a sleepover and continue to have some quality time together.


3. Grab some drinks

You can go out to a bar, have some drinks with your best pals and do some dancing. Or better yet, buy a whole lot of drinks, stay home and have a small drinking party together (you could even try to make some personalized drinks). Also, if you stay home, you can play drinking games like Never Have I Ever or Flip Cup. Either way, remember to always drink safely and make sure you all have a designated driver (or call an Uber or a taxi).


4. Bake some treats

How good do homemade chocolate chip cookies sound? Or better yet, some chewy chocolate chip cookies (you won’t believe these are gluten free!)? How about some fudgy brownies? Don’t drool over thinking about them, just make plans with your friends and try to make some baked goods recipes. Not only will the process  be fun and enjoyable, but you will also get to eat some treats! Another good thing about this is that you will feel very accomplished after you finish baking. I don’t know about you but when I feel really stressed, after I bake something I feel a whole lot better.


5. Watch movies or tv shows

Whenever I go out with my friends, it’s mostly to go watch a movie. By all means, you can just stay at your house and do a movie marathon with your friends or binge watch some series. Just get really cozy, get some blankets, some snacks and choose something to watch. Some of my movie recommendations for this Galentine’s day are mostly romcoms like Bridget Jones Diary, To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, Clueless and Crazy Rich Asians. As for tv shows, I can recommend Game of Thrones, Friends, The Good Place and of course, Parks and Recreation.


6. Go to the beach

Imagine watching beautiful clear water while the warm white sand runs through your toes. Going to the beach is a really good and refreshing break from college. Here in Puerto Rico we are very lucky because we can go to the beach every month of the year. Go get a tan with your friends (but remember to use sunscreen because you don’t want any sun burns). You can also sit back and drink some Strawberry Lemon Sangrias or, if you’re not a drinker, have some super tropical Pineapple Orange Sherbert Punch.


7. Go shopping

I absolutely adore shopping (even though I’m a college student and we don’t have any money), but I enjoy it more when I’m with my friends. Who doesn’t love the thrill of getting a new outfit to show off? When I shop around with my friends, they help me choose clothes and tell me if they look good or not. They’ll be completely honest with you and those are the kind of vibes you need when you go shopping. So, this Galentine’s day, if you feel up to it, go on a shopping spree with your friends. If y’all don’t feel like spending money, organize a clothes swap!


8. Karaoke Night

We all sing in the shower even if we don’t have a good voice (been there, done that), so what better way to take the singing out of the shower than to have a karaoke night with your friends? Personally, I love to sing with my friends because it’s just so much fun. Sometimes, instead of singing the lyrics, we just scream them out because we are so into them. We dance around and laugh like there’s no tomorrow. Don’t worry if you don’t have a good voice, me and my friends don’t, and we still have a great time.


The most important thing is spending time with your friends no matter where you go or what you do. Celebrate this amazing holiday and find joy with each other.


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