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I started watching Haikyu!! at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, but anime is not my typical binge watch. Although the animations are unique and the stories enticing, I rarely finish a series all the way. However, since I was quarantined with nothing better to do, I thought: “Why not?”

Haikyu!! is a volleyball sports anime that follows the story of Hinata and Kageyama, two rivals turned allies, and Karasuno, their team, throughout their road to Nationals. So, I sat down and got ready to start watching some good volleyball!

Once I started watching it, I couldn’t stop! I forgot what sleep was for two days straight. I had to keep watching. And that wasn’t the end of it, after finishing the anime, I continued by reading part of the manga, simply because I needed more content. I am now literally obsessed with it and I try to convince everyone I know to watch it. So, without further ado, here are seven reasons why Haikyu!! is a must-watch anime for you!


Friendship is a unifying and lovely thing that everyone experiences at some point in life. In Haikyu!!’s world, it isn’t any different. Friendship is the moving force of the plot and it’s what makes the anime (and manga) so heartwarming. The story portrays different kinds of friendships and it’s so great to watch them develop and grow. From the enemies-to-friends relationship of Kageyama and Hinata (our protagonists!), to the childhood friendship of Oikawa and Iwazumi (Aoba Johsai finest!), every single friendship in Haikyu!! is so pure! It’s all about friends helping each other reach their goals and dreams.

The rivalry

Whether a character comes from one side of the court or the other, the rivalry is one of the best things about Haikyu!!. Just like friends, rivals help their team to improve and reach their goals. They prioritize playing at their best; even if they lose, they are defeated knowing they gave their all. The rivalry dynamic is so problematic but entertaining for the viewer. You get attached to the rival teams just as much as you get attached to Karasuno’s team. It’s a mixed feeling when any of the teams lose, but the playoff is beautiful to watch.

Each character is unique

Even with the common goal of winning the game, each character in Haikyu!! is unique. Every single one of them has their own struggles and fears. They all have a different approach when it comes to volleyball and they showcasing their own unique abilities. All of them are well-trained and developed. It’s amazing to watch them grow and work hard for what they want. They all shine in their own right.

Volleyball knowledge

Look, when it comes to sports, I’m clueless. I took PE every school year and always forgot all that I had learned by the end of the year. But Haikyu!! is a fun way to learn about volleyball. The characters explain everything in a fun and friendly manner. So, if you want to learn about volleyball, let Haikyu!! be your teacher.

The emotions

Your emotions will burst while watching Haikyu!!. Whether it’s your favorite team that lost or won, this anime/manga will impact you one way or another. You will laugh, you will cry, you will probably get anxious, stop feeling your legs (true story!) during matches, and will likely get emotional over your babies finally getting the volleyball play down. It’s the best emotional rollercoaster!

Amazing plays

I recommend you watch the animation or read the manga during the day, because I can guarantee you that you will probably scream at least once. The plays are so good! They will leave you in awe; you will watch them over and over again just to think, “Is that even possible?!” Every move they make is unbelievable.


Just like friendship, hope is one of the main themes in Haikyu!!. Both the anime and the manga teach the viewer that if you have high hopes and you work hard, regardless of limitations, you will make your dreams come true. Watching Hinata improve at volleyball is a joy and his determination will inspire you to do anything. Seeing the team’s passion for their goals will make you feel more passionate about your own goals.

It’s now my mission in life to get everyone to watch (or read) Haikyu!!. The second part of the fourth season comes out today! Do yourself a favor and go binge-watch it so you can catch up! You won’t regret it.

Alana is currently in her fifth year, studying Comparative Literature in the UPR Río Piedras Campus. She loves books, superheroes and mythology. Will sing any song that she knows (even if she can't sing to save her life) and is always tired. She dreams with someday writing a book.
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