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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UPR chapter.

This is Halloween, everyone hail to the Pumpkin King, now! September is over, and that means one thing: Halloween. I remember a point in my life where I pretended I was too cool for dressing up and my costume consisted of a Thing T-shirt and shorts (maximum effort, I know). After seeing the error of my ways, I’ve dedicated every year to make up for that. No, but seriously, why NOT dress up? It’s the one time of the year you can let your inner weirdo out! Whether you’re just not that into it, you don’t have the time to plan out an elaborate costume, or you don’t want to seem like you put too much effort into it, I’ve got a few easy and affordable costume ideas for you.


Now, vampires are always a good idea because there are so many vampiric renditions to choose from. You have Vampire Diaries vampires, Underworld vampires… There are a ton of ways you could go with this look and all of the possibilities are fun. To achieve this look, here’s what you need:

The Basics

•    Black clothes

•    Fake blood

•    Fangs

•    Makeup

You can go two ways with this! There’s the goth makeup look and the bloody makeup look. For the goth look, your makeup should be in purple, black and silver tones; whereas for the bloody look, use red and gold tones. Of course, always try to look as undead as possible.


I’ve been obsessed with witches for a while. That’s all you need to know. Luckily for me, my mom had a few key pieces that I could borrow. I put together this outfit in just minutes. To achieve this look, here’s what you need:

The Basics

•    Black knee length skirt

•    Black lace top

•    Chunky jewelry

•    Black boots

•    Witch’s hat

To enhance your look, paint your nails a dark color and use a dramatic eyeliner. To take it a creepy step further, you could try painting the tips of your fingers up to the first knuckle black.


What truly makes this look is the makeup, of course, and its simplicity. If you’re looking for something very low effort, this is the way to go. After that, I just completed my outfit with regular scarecrow attire by excellence: a plaid shirt and jeans. To achieve this look, here’s what you need:

The Basics

•    Flannel shirt

•    Jeans

•    Bucket hat (hella optional)

Wednesday Addams

I did this one a few years backs and it was so much fun! I love Wednesday and truly enjoyed bringing her character to life. To achieve this look, here’s what you need:

The Basics

•    Black dress, romper, or two-piece set with white collar (you could also just wear a shirt with a white collar underneath)

•    Black tights *optional

•    Black flats  

Hogwarts Alumni

My little Potterhead self has always wanted to do this and last year I finally got the chance. This was a very fun costume for many reasons, but the best one is that I got to make my own wand. It’s a really fun process. Best part? I didn’t buy a thing. To achieve this look, here’s what you need:

The Basics

•            Black sweater

•            Black or dark grey skirt

•            White button down shirt

•            Tie (I borrowed one of my dad’s)

•            A wand

For the wand, I used palitos de pincho (wooden skewers), hot glue, and paint. First, I cut the sticks to the desired length. Then I glued two sticks together in order to make a thicker stick for my wand. I used hot glue to make the designs on the wand. Once dry, I started painting.

Fairy Queen

One word: magical. This look is pretty much an invitation to be as creative as you want. As far as I can tell, you can wear basically anything so long as you have copious amounts of body glitter, flowers, and butterflies. So, go crazy! To achieve this look, here’s what you need:

The Basics

•            Sparkly clothes

•            Woodland themed items

•            A wand

•            Some wings (could also be optional)

Porcelain Doll

I tried this look last year. Luckily for me, my aunt had a wig she so generously lent me. If you don’t have a generous aunt like myself, don’t worry, simple pigtails or braids will do. I unearthed a puffy skirt I hadn’t worn in ages and a top with some cute frills to go with it. Whether or not you have similar pieces doesn’t ultimately matter, the most important part of this costume is drawing those round doll joints and making your eyes look big and guileless, and some blush doesn’t go amiss either. To achieve this look, here’s what you need:

The Basics

•            Pleated skirt

•            Button-down top

•            Bows

That’s it from me, but remember, there are tons of other costumes you could try this Halloween. If dressing up doesn’t suit you, well then, in the wise words of Wednesday Addams, you could always be a homicidal maniac, “They look just like everybody else.” Happy Halloween!

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Antoinette Luna is a Performance Studies and Comparative Literature major at the UPR. Her passions include writing, reading, and anything crafty. She loves to sew, write, and make things from scratch. DIY is the name of her game. Around campus, she is known as a bubbly young woman who goes by just Luna. Her future goals include traveling, traveling, and more traveling. Outspoken transfeminist, and wannabe activist, she's out to set fires.