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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UPR chapter.

Spring is officially here! Not only is it time for spring cleaning, but it is also time to renew your closet. Maybe you’re wondering what you should do to update your wardrobe. Well, here are the trends you’ll be seeing in these next couple of months.


1. Polka Dots

Source: Pinterest

Polka dots are a classic pattern that is back with a bang. This is your new go-to spring print if you’re tired of using florals all the time. There are so many ways to use them the options are endless! You can wear it on a light dress or wear them on a shirt with jeans for the perfect spring look.


2. Mules

Source: Pinterest

Mules have been trending for a while, and their reign will continue this spring. They are the perfect shoe to add some sophistication to your look. There are so many styles to choose from: suede, open toe, closed toe, without heels, etc. Plus, they look great with many outfits; I recommend trying them out with flared jeans and skirts.


3. Vintage Glasses

Source: Pinterest

These are an interesting trend that you can find all over Instagram and on many celebrities. They come in an endless array of colors and shapes. If you feel daring you can easily add a retro and chic look to any outfit with this cool accessory.


4. Wicker Bags

Source: Pinterest

Wicker bags are a cute trend that will make you want to have a picnic. They will add a cute touch to any outfit. Summer is right around the corner and this bag will be a perfect accessory.



Source: Pinterest

Fringes are on everything this season: on jackets, bags and of course jewelry.  Add a girly feel to any look with this detail.


6. Fanny Pack

Source: Pinterest

Believe it or not, they are back. They’ve been seen in many runways this season, and they won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. They’re being used across the shoulders and the classic way around the waist. Whether you’re a fan of them or not, you have to admit they are extremely convenient.


With any of these trends you choose, you’ll look super fashionable and ready for the new season. Some of these might even be in the back of your closet! So take them out and dust them off, because it’s time to start rocking them again.