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5 Ways to Stay Motivated Towards Your Goals

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UPR chapter.



It doesn’t matter what your is or at what point in your life you’re at, we all have goals. Whether they’re short term or long term, we all have at least one goal that we MUST achieve for the sake of our sanity. However, it doesn’t matter how much we want to accomplish these goals, sometimes we get discouraged, or we may lose the motivation to work towards them. Guess what? That’s totally normal! No need to panic when you realize that some time might have passed, and you still haven’t put the work in yet.

We came up with these five tips to help you stay motivated towards your goals. We hope you find some peace and inspiration while reading these:


1. Look for some reassurance from your friends and/or family

Your friends and family are your support group. They love and support you no matter what, so don’t be afraid to talk to them and tell them you are stuck in a “funk”. Their words of love and encouragement might be just what you need to keep moving forward. Grab that phone and call your mom or schedule a coffee date with your best friend. You’ll feel your mood change, and you’ll feel so much better!


2. Reflect on your journey up to this point

Take a moment to think about everything you’ve been through until now. If you’re already halfway there, then looking back and remembering all that’s happened might motivate you to keep going. Thinking about the obstacles you encountered on your journey, can help propel you forward. Remain optimistic and tell yourself: “I didn’t come this far to only come this far.”


3. Remind yourself why you do it

Obstacles always arise and even when we love what we do, we might feel like giving up right in the middle of it. When a class is demanding or when we face rejection one too many times, our morale can quickly seep so low we barely see it. Take a moment and try to remind yourself why you love what you do. Even if your goal is not necessarily a passion of yours, there must be a reason why you decided to pursue it.  Focus on that!


4. Think of how good it will feel

A very important thing to have in mind is the finish line. When pursuing a goal, there is always the chance that we can encounter people who don’t have our best interests at heart. People might think your goals are far-fetched or impossible, and they’re going to be vocal about it. Think about how good it will feel to prove them wrong. Think about all the people that might have voiced their negative opinions on your goals and relish in the fact that once you accomplish them, their words won’t matter; only your self-satisfaction will matter.


5. Inspiring quotes

If you’re browsing Pinterest, take a few minutes and look up inspirational quotes. Trust us, it helps. Sometimes we read quotes that we can relate to so strongly, and we remember them when we’re feeling down. It’s a great way to see that you’re not alone either; to realize that there are many other humans beings seeking inspiration and motivation on any and all available platforms. Maybe you can post one on your Twitter account or on Instagram. Who knows? You might even help somebody else get inspired!


We hope you found comfort and use to these tips! Don’t worry because you’ll accomplish all your goals in time.


When you set your mind to it, nothing can stop you.

19 years old Film student, actress, photographer and artist.