5 Unconventional Things You Can Do With Coffee - Part One

Coffee is consumed by millions of people in the United States of America. So, yeah, coffee is bae. In Puerto Rico, coffee culture is huge too. Our abuelitos have plenty of ways to drink it. On a daily basis, 64% of Americans say they drink at least one cup of coffee. A smaller percentage - 26% of adults - say they drink only one cup, while 11% down at least four on a daily basis. Altogether, Americans drink 102 billion cups of coffee annually. That breaks down to 280.5 million cups per day. So, it’s easy to say that those coffee grounds will really add up. There plenty of things you can do with coffee grounds, though!


1. Bug Repellent

According to the EPA, coffee grounds are a safe and effective way to keep pests away. Coffee grounds can help repel not only mosquitos but also other insects like wasps and bees. Place them in a little pan, or heat-resistant container, then put a lighter to it. When it light ups, the smoke’s aroma will ward those bugs away!


2. Air Freshener

Are there weird smells in your car? Fridge? Room? Shoes? Coffee grounds are the way to go! They absorb bad smells and cleanse the air. You can use any fabric scrap or an old sock that you were going to throw away anyway and fill it with coffee grounds. Make sure the grounds are dry and the fabric is breathable. For shoes, just make a little bundle and place it inside. This goes for fridges and cars too!


3. Clear Skin

Coffee grounds are amazing when it comes to exfoliating. You can mix the grounds with coconut oil or any oil you know works for you. If oil isn’t good for your skin type, then mix it you’re your favorite cleanser. Apply to skin and gently rub! You can wash it off immediately or you can leave it on for about 5 minutes and then rinse. The residual caffeine can also revitalize your skin.


4. Hair Care

Caffeine can prevent baldness and damaged hair follicles, in both men and women. So, those coffee grounds you’re about to throw it could potentially save your hair! Washing your hair with coffee significantly increases follicle stimulation which leads to faster hair growth. More so, coffee can also improve your hair texture. Caffeine can help make your hair softer and shinier. As mentioned before, coffee can exfoliate the skin. It goes the same for scalp exfoliation! Again, be gentle.


5. Fertilizer

Got some plants that are looking dull? Coffee grounds are a great source of natural elements such as nitrogen, carbon, etc which are good for plants. Plus, in the rainy season, when water pools into the plants’ pots, mixing coffee grounds in can help prevent the accumulation of mosquito larva.


Instead of being wasteful and throwing out something that could potentially be repurposed, take a moment to evaluate what else you’re throwing out. Odds are, you’ll find something that can be reused. Stay tuned for part two and think green!