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Let’s be honest, our room gets kinda boring after years of having a static appearance. Turn around the monotony of empty walls by adding details that will add a sparkle of uniqueness to your room. Here are five tips to yassify your cozy cave.

1. Candles

Enhance one of the five senses by adding a candle with your favorite scent.  More than just a delicious smell, candles come in different shapes and colors making it a key room decor. Even better, there are hundreds of variations like taper, wax melt, pillar, tumbler among other innumerable choices. The options are endless.

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2. Throw Blankets

Don’t be shy, add some fluff! Throw blankets are an amazing way to add texture to your living space. Not only that, but they come in handy during chilly nights or while binge watching Netflix. Use cool patterns and contrasting colors to uplift your bed’s image. Yes, they make a statement so choose your blanket wisely.

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3. Plants

Speaking of colors, plants take first place on the matter. With voluminous leaves and captivating shapes, plants have beautiful natural colors to give life to your room. These leafy friends offer more than just greenness as they’re amazing air purifiers. Here’s a secret: they’re as unique as you! House plants come in rare shapes and sizes expressing some personality. More than sole room decor, your plant soulmate positively impacts your health and daily life. 

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4. Rug

This isn’t an accessory, it’s a need to rub your feet on before you get into bed. Rugs are the key to having a crumbless bed. This clever item will simultaneously make the floor look less plain and serve a purpose. Just like plants, rugs appear in diverse forms. Some portray interesting graphic messages to ensure that you wake up with the right feet. It has all-in-one: unique shape and fun colors PLUS crumbless bed feet. 

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Don’t be afraid of using your favorite plushie! They’re super adorable and an invaluable source of cuteness.


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Decorating your room can be a form of self expression or a way to connect with our authentic self. Hence it’s important to feel free to experiment with what elements fit your vibe the best. Regardless of which accessories you decide to implement, always prioritize your comfort and satisfy your needs. Have fun, arrange your cozy cave to your liking!

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