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Hey there, Mouseketeers! The most magical franchise on Earth is celebrating its hundredth birthday this year and if you already knew that, there might be a chance you’re still a fan. Disney has been a part of many of our childhoods, regardless of when and where we grew up. From iconic songs to tear-jerking moments and a long list of lovable characters, Disney has made its way into our lives one way or another, which is no surprise given all the brands they own. So, if you’re not sure whether or not it still holds a place in your heart, here are some signs you are still a Disney fan.

1. Going to one of the Disney parks is always on your travel list

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Maybe you’ve gone before and want to revisit or you’ve wanted to go for ages, but whenever you think about where to go for your next trip, Disney World, or any of its other locations, always seems to make its way to that list. Disney theme parks have this otherworldly feel that draws people in, regardless of their age. And who doesn’t want to have a magical day at the happiest place on Earth?

2. Your feed has a surprising amount of Disney posts

Not sure if you’re a Disney fan? Well, your social media feed might give it away. You’ll find some hidden Mickeys while you do your usual scrolling. There’s plenty of content to go around: awesome fanart, memes, princess inspired fashion inspo, and more. Not only that, but you are probably more up to date on “Disney news” (like movie announcements or park expansions) than your friends because of it.

3. You own your fair share of Disney merch

Look around your room, see any figurines on display? A childhood Mickey plushie you haven’t let go of? If Disney is good at one thing, it’s commercialising. (My Cheshire Cat coffee mug would agree!) 

Some of us just can’t resist seeing our favorite characters plastered on merchandise. There’s a sense of comfort that comes from it, little reminders of joy. Disney is a big player in pop culture and is easily recognizable, not just with toys but in more “mature ways” like jewelry and decor. 

4. You always catch up on new releases 

Whether it’s a new original film in theaters or a questionable live action remake (looking at you, Pinocchio (2022)), you’ve made a habit of not letting a Disney release go without viewing. 

5. You like to relive the nostalgia and feel like a kid every once in a while

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Being a Disney fan really boils down to nostalgia. For many, it symbolizes happy memories or even an escape from worries. So if your adult life has you stressed and you need a break, sometimes it helps to sit back and turn on your favorite Disney movie. Cherish the comfort that it brings you. It might feel silly sometimes but don’t deny your inner child the magic of Disney.


To this day, you get SO annoyed when people call him Ratatouille. His name is Remy!

Cristina Trejo is a Political Science major at the University of Puerto Rico and aspires to work in International Law. She believes in doing things that fuel your growth and that any experience is good experience. Everyone has their own journey and everyone is figuring things out. It's just a matter of learning and deciding what is best for our true selves.