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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UPR chapter.

You’re getting ready to go out for a night on the town. Whether it’s a hot date or a night out with friends, you’re ready to play hard after a day of working hard. What better way to get yourself in the party mood than by listening to some jams while you get ready? And in that same line, what better genre to get you pumped than some colorful and fun K-Pop? On this list, we will tell you about 5 K-Pop songs that were basically made to get you in the mood!

1.  I Just Wanna Dance by Tiffany

Girl’s Generation member Tiffany’s 80s synthpop throwback is great for when you’re getting ready to dance the night away. Whether you’re going out with your friends or staying in by yourself, this song is sure to get you up on your feet! We absolutely adore this song!

Abraham’s favorite lyric: “Light reflects on the wet streets, the city is like an empty stage after a show ends”

Elisa’s favorite lyric: “I hid myself behind the masks that change every day. I just wanna get more honest right now.”


2.  Girl Front by LOONA/ODD EYE CIRCLE

This song from the ever elusive LOONA subgroup is sure to get you in the mood for spending the night running around town in good company. Like the ODD EYE CIRCLE girls, your heart will be racing as you dance along to this song about wanting to let that special someone know how they make you feel.

Abraham’s favorite lyric: “One minute, one second, all my thoughts are filled with you”

Elisa’s favorite lyric: “I just wanna fall for you / My heart wants to bother you forever”


3.  Shake It by SISTAR

When we first heard this song, we just couldn’t help but be charmed by its brassy bubblegum pop and visually enticing video. The comic book-like style and school setting had our nerd hearts racing! We just can’t help but get up and shake it along with SISTAR!

Abraham’s favorite lyric: “Shake it for me baby, everyone come together and dance”

Elisa’s favorite lyric: “We’re seriously connecting, this place is on fire”


4.  Friday Night by SONAMOO

This song was made for the weekend! After a week cooped up studying, this is the perfect song to help you let loose before heading out into the night. SONAMOO is determined to go out and have fun all night, regardless of what their parents say.

Abraham’s favorite lyric: “The twinkling stars tempt me, my high heels are risky”

Elisa’s favorite lyric: “I’ll probably get in trouble but I can’t let my youth rot like this”


5.  Roller Coaster by Chung Ha

If the glowing neon in this video doesn’t make you want to hit the club we don’t know what will! We can barely write this article without dancing uncontrollably in front of our computer screens! Roller Coaster’s 90s R&B vibes create a fun and vibrant song that will get you off your feet!  

Abraham’s favorite lyric: “Look”

Elisa’s favorite lyric: “Such a breathtaking feeling / A dangerous feeling / Hold tight to my hand, I want you”


With these songs to help you get ready, you’re sure to have a great start to a night of fun! Which one is your favorite?


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