5 Illustrators You Should Follow on Tumblr

All illustrators are artists, but not all artists are illustrators. The two professions are very similar, but what sets them apart? These images are commissioned for commercial purposes, such as book covers, magazines, postcards, and more. Keep up with these five successful illustrators on Tumblr and get inspired!


1. Manjit Thapp

Google Doodle in celebration of Kamala Das by Manjit Thapp

Mrs. Thapp is an illustrator based in the United Kingdom. She has a Bachelor's degree (BA) in Illustration from the Camberwell College of Arts (2016). Some of her clients include Penguin Random House; Google, where she illustrated a Google Doodle celebrating poet Kamala Das; Adobe; Cartoon Network, where she created her own version of the Powerpuff Girls; Apple, and Elle UK. She also illustrated “The little book of feminist saints” by Julia Pierpont.

You can fangirl over her work here.


2. Laura Breiling

Google Doodle in celebration of May Ayim by Laura Breiling

Laura Breiling is an illustrator based in Berlin, Germany. She has an extensive list of clients, ranging from Google; where she made a Google Doodle in celebration of Afro-German poet, educator and activist May Ayim; Nike; Reader’s Digest; The New York Times; Smithsonian Magazine; Bloomberg; Vanity Fair, and more.

You can follow her work here.


3. Isaac Piper

Game of Thrones cast (private commission) by Isaac Piper

Isaac Piper is a visual artist and illustrator based in Hong Kong. He takes inspiration from the nostalgic 80’s era and modern pop culture, which makes for a colorful and anachronic style. He has already worked with various clients including Lady Gaga, MilkX Magazine, Snapchat Brother Channel, and more.

You can obsess over his work here.


4. Hye Jin Chung

Illustration for thegirlfriend.com by Hye Jin Chung

Hye Jin Chung is a Korean illustrator based in New York. She received her MFA degree in the Illustration as Visual Essay Program at the School of Visual Arts of New York in 2013. Some selected clients are Washington Post, The Oprah Magazine, The New York Times, Buzzfeed, Etsy, Converse, and more.

Follow her Tumblr page here.


5. Shehzil Malik

Autobiographical illustration by Shehzil Malik

Shehzil is a feminist designer and illustrator from Pakistan “with a passion for social change and storytelling with heart.” Her work has been featured in CNN, DW, and Forbes. She has worked with big clients like Sony Music and Google Allo, as well as some local brands. Mrs. Malik’s style is powerful and thought-provoking.

You can support her work here.


Take a lucky guess at what these five talented artists will illustrate next! Or better yet, give them a follow so you don’t miss their next project.