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5 Haunted Places in Puerto Rico to Visit this Halloween

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Halloween is just around the corner, and we have gathered for you a list of 5 haunted places to visit on the island if you’re a fan of urban legends and paranormal activity. 

1. El Tunel Negro (The Black Tunnel)

Located in Quebradillas, Puerto Rico and built in 1904 by the American Railroad Company of Puerto Rico, “El Tunel Negro” was used for the passage of railways to transport people and cargo. Due to its length and structure, the tunnel did not allow the ends of its entrances to be seen, creating massive darkness around its walls. This phenomenon actually led to the creation of the name “El Tunel Negro” to describe the underground maze. 

In 1910, a terrible accident took place on the tunnel. This event caused the death of dozens of people. The accident itself occurred as a result of the driver losing control over a train car, causing the railway to crash at a fairly sharp curve. 

Although there are no remnants of the railway, some people claim to have heard the voices of the victims that died that day during nighttime. Citizens have reported witnessing the ghosts wandering through the area, searching for a glimpse of light they’ll never find. 

2. Hotel El Convento (The Convent Hotel)

Founded more than 300 years ago in San Juan, Puerto Rico, the hotel “El Convento” quickly became one of the jewels of the city. This elegant and luxurious place was known for capturing the essence  of Old San Juan’s history. 

“El Convento” served as home for the Spanish nun Ana Lanzos Menendez and then went on to become the convent of the “Las Hermanitas Carmelitas”. Since then, this historic hotel has been of great use for many activities. It has also served as a refuge for homeless people. 

Meanwhile, visitors claim to see and hear the ghost of Doña Ana praying and haunting the hallways. 

3. Castillo San Felipe del Morro

One of the most representative landmarks of Puerto Rico’s colonial legacy is “El Castillo San Felipe del Morro”. This castle was designed to protect the island from foreign invaders approaching by sea.  

Some tourists and Puerto Rican citizens have reported seeing ghosts dressed as soldiers from the 18th century and traveling by the castle while holding their guns. Others claim to have heard shots fired and disturbed voices echoing through the hallways at night. 

In the meantime, another creepy urban legend haunts visitors of El Morro. “La Garita del Diablo” was built in 1634 as a part of The Castle of San Felipe Del Morro. As guards that worked in La Garita started going missing, stories were made up to explain their disappearances. 

There are many versions of this legend, but the most famous one states that the guards went missing as the Devil itself devoured their souls, only leaving behind their uniforms and arms.

4.Teatro Tapia (Tapia Theather)

 The Tapia theater was built in 1824 and is a representative building of Puerto Rican culture and history. It is named after the famous Puerto Rican poet and playwright, Alejandro Tapia y Rivera, who died in 1882.

The Tapia Theater is still open to the public and anyone who wants to perform fine arts. Although many visitors have claimed seeing entities and ghosts wandering the stage, the Tapia theater continues to be the center of cultural life in Old San Juan.

5. La Casa del Mustang (The Mustang House)

This abandoned house is located in Mayagüez, and it is one of Puerto Rico’s epicenters of reported paranormal activities.

The garage of the house contains an old Mustang car. According to neighbors of the family that lived in this house, its residents dealt with financial hardships, forcing one of the family members to make a pact with the Devil. 

Since then, strange things began to happen and the family had to abandon their home, leaving the Mustang behind. For many years, neighbors and family have tried to remove the Mustang from the front porch. Despite their efforts, it has proven nearly impossible to get rid of the car. It has been said that, once a crane machine came to help remove it and the chain broke. 

Visiting haunted houses is a fun way to get into the Halloween spirit and create your very own supernatural stories. It’s your turn to live the paranormal adventure like a horror movie character. And, who knows? Maybe you’ll float too…

Adriana Quiles is freshmen at the University of Puerto Rico Recinto de Rio Piedras. She's very passionate about female empowerment and feels that Her Campus is her ideal outlet to talk about topics that matter to her and to all women.
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