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In modern times like these, the wild jungle that is the internet is absolutely saturated with rapid-fire trends that focus on promoting users to develop their own individuality and their personal style. Amidst the dumpster fire of fast fashion trends that have been taking over the internet as of late, I decided that I wanted to experiment with a variety of long-standing aesthetic, as well as some more contemporary ones. I embarked on this journey to try and get out of my comfort zone and prove that sometimes all we really need to do is just ditch fast fashion temptations and take a deep dive into our closets instead. 

70s Aesthetic


While I researched for inspiration on how I could pull off this look, I came across colorful, groovy, and well-fitting garments, including lots of bell bottoms, mustaches, and disco flower power. As I typed down some notes for what I wanted my outfit to look like, I realized that I wanted to channel something along the lines of a boricua-style Daisy Jones, which is exactly what I ended up with.

By combining a bell sleeve crop top with some flower stamped jeans I stole from my sister’s closet, a 2000s peach headband, and some chunky heeled loafers, my outfit was complete! For the makeup, I went simple and only applied some light blush on my eyes and a brown-toned lip tint. Obviously, I wore some hoops and stacked rings and necklaces to really nail the Daisy Jones vibe. Needless to say, I listened to Stevie Nicks the entire day.

Office Siren

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The office siren is a much more recent aesthetic, but as I created the vision board for this day, I realized it was mostly just a name for the style that combined the edginess trend that was formed in the late 90s and 2000s corporate style designed by luxury brands and their marketing campaigns. This trend often featured models with slick buns, glasses, tights, and pencil skirts. 

As I put together this outfit I looked for a white dress shirt, which is a must have in every closet. I decided to take advantage of the slightly cold weather on the Island and layered on a gray dress with a pencil skirt style bottom with some black knee-high tights and loafers. For accessories, I went more clean cut and simple with a basic dual tone watch and a pair of dainty hoop earrings. My glasses are still in the mail, sue me.

90s grunge

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The grunge aesthetic was a fun one to play with. I specify 90’s grunge because it truly flourished the most in that time thanks to artists like Curt Cobain. This trend is especially known for layering, unconventional styles and pieces, as well as lots of stripes and dark tones. All in all, this aesthetic channels a very laidback energy. 

I tried to channel a mix of Curt Cobain’s shirt and dress combo, with some Jennifer Aniston-inspired makeup. While using Paramount lipstick, I threw on a white t-shirt on top of a tight-fitting long black dress, followed by my stompersーaka my tried and true black boots. Accessory-wise, I went for silver jewelry, combining a vintage Tous chain necklace from my sister’s trusty closet with a matching bracelet, and put my hair up in two cute braids.


As I researched the key components of this trend, I found that the dark academia aesthetic is very similar to the old money elegance wave that a lot of people are engaging with recently, with a lot of sweater vests, blacks, blues, and browns. All around, it’s a very well-reserved and conservative style. It’s also very motivational towards being responsible and academic. 

As I sat down to properly lock in for assignments, it felt like I truly looked the part; with a navy blue pencil mini skirt with glen plaid detailing, a black, textured long-sleeve shirt, an auburn velvet band on my head, and my trusty black tights with my heeled loafers. I accessorized with a simple ring on my left hand, an old bracelet to match, and my dual tone watch. Keeping it classy. 

Art Hoe

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Last but certainly not least, the one and only The Art Hoe. This is an aesthetic from the deep crevices of Tumblr, created by user sensitiveblackperson. It’s based on loving expression and art and everything that comes with it. Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” is a big inspiration as this aesthetic features a lot of nature and sunflowers. 

I did my best to pay homage to this aesthetic, but I cheated and consulted my Art History junkie sister, whom I love, and she helped me in this process by lending me her knowledge and closet. Starting off with some distressed overalls, naturally, some Converse, themed socks, a Van Gogh shirt, heavily blushed cheeks, and a messy bun, carrying my Kanken bag the entire day, I truly felt the Art Hoe spirit within me.

As I close up this marvelous experience, my concluding thoughts are: I really enjoyed exploring so many different forms of expression through my clothes and, in turn, also receiving such different reactions and opinions from the people around me.  Before this challenge, I hadn’t realized just how easy it would be to go against the grain and explore different parts of myself just by sliding the doors of my closet. I encourage anyone that reads this to try this exercise at least once this lifetime, to divert from the norm and test out other waters, to explore and leave your comfort zone. Who knows, what you discover might be quite interesting and fun!

Arianys Ramos Soto is a writer for Her Campus at UPR chapter. She will be writing articles in hopes that when others read they might feel enlightened, relieved, seen, or heard. Putting deciphering girlhood, fashion forward, heavy hitter life experiences, and music as main topics. They’re an English Literature Major at the University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras campus. As a freshly published writer on the Her Campus team, she’s just getting her sea legs in this world. Creating or helping to shape certain visions and content, be it audio-visual or written, for peers, friends, and family is what is behind her drive to strive for new learning opportunities. With a niche liking of French music and an obsession with Pinterest boards with hyper specific Spotify playlists to match, Arianys loves to write and read (shocker). They spend their time reading more on the end of philosophical and semi autobiographical works, but are not exempt from the occasional dramatic fiction, even fan written, and when that’s not the case she’s frantically looking for order in between college life.