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When someone mentions the YouTube makeup community, I’m sure everyone thinks of the same 10 content creators that have tons of subscribers and are total Internet superstars. They’re all really talented, but… lots of other amazing makeup artists end up on the sidelines because of these big makeup gurus taking up all the fame and glory. That said, I’m gonna fill you in on some of the best, most underrated makeup artists that you should be watching on YouTube!


This Scottish makeup artist has been creating outstanding looks for quite a few years now. You'll find tons of creative and diverse makeup looks on her channel. Her videos are almost always pretty long, so they’re definitely great for watching while doing your own makeup. Makeupmissa is really worth the watch.

Bailey Sarian

Makeup and true crime mixed together? Sign me up! 31-year-old Bailey Sarian has recently been receiving a lot of subscribers, but I think she’s still super underrated and more people should talk about her. Not only is she extremely skillful with makeup, but she also has captivating storytelling abilities. She captures your attention with her true crime stories while serving looks. Just like Makemeupmissa, her videos are great to watch while doing your own makeup.

Julia Mazzucato

When I first discovered Julia Mazzucato's videos, I binge-watched most of them for, like, a week. She’s probably one of my fave makeup YouTubers because, not only is she an astounding makeup artist, she’s also hilarious! She’s not afraid of saying if a product is great or if it’s trash. Even if she doesn’t post tutorials like other beauty vloggers, she gives her subscribers really fun reviews and updates about makeup. I give her bonus points because she roasts herself in her videos and ends all of them with bonus memes.

Denitslava Makeup

This beautiful, Bulgarian makeup guru has tons of tutorials for all makeup enthusiasts. Denitslava Makeup has the softest, most calming voice that will help you relax while watching her videos. Just like the other YouTubers I previously mentioned, her makeup skills are exceptional.

Kerie Ortiz

Even if she doesn’t have that many videos on her page, Kerie Ortiz packs a punch! First of all, her aesthetic is alluring. All of her makeup looks are really creative and pleasing to the eye. Second of all, most of her videos are tutorials that are very well explained. The cherry on top is that her videos are not that long, and they keep you very entertained with their fast pace without being overwhelming. 

All of these talented women deserve a little more recognition for all the great art they’re creating. I truly hope that this list helps you discover your new favorite makeup YouTuber, and that you give these amazing artists a try. I’m sure you’ll love them!

Angélica is a Comparative Literature in the University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras Campus. She's a wannabe writer that can be found cuddled up in her bed reading a book. Her biggest obsession is Harry Potter and anything to do with it. She has a lot of dreams for her future and hopes to work in a publishing house someday.
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