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4 Horror Movies to Watch on Halloween

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UPR chapter.

    Your room is pitch black. The howling of thunder and rain is just outside your window. A shiver creeps up your back, and you suddenly realize that time of the year has come around once again. HALLOWEEN, BABY! And, I’m not talking about little-bats-and-pretty-ghouls Halloween. No, I’m referring to the blood soaked, monster filled Halloween we’ve come to ignore over the years. I’ve gathered, for your reading pleasure, four horror movies that are sure to leave you speechless and/or sobbing.

Warning: this list contains macabre, gore-filled films that may be too disturbing for some viewers. Watch at your own risk and keep the lights on (hee hee).

  1.  First on our chilling list is a movie we’ve all heard of but never truly dared to watch: “The Exorcist.” This cinematic piece of history made its spooky debut in 1973. The story follows Chris MacNeil and her small daughter Regan. Things get weird really quickly when Regan plays with a Ouija board. Vomiting, mutilation, and death follow through the rest of the movie. Bring on the exorcism!




   2.  Another great film is “Evil Dead” (2013). This one will surely spook those of you who don’t like gore. Seriously. It’s a bloodbath. Don’t watch it if you’re prone to fainting over the sight of blood. “Evil Dead” (2013) is about a group of friends who decide to stay in a super creepy cabin in the middle of nowhere—just your typical juvenile behavior. A demon is summoned because why not, and then all hell breaks loose.




   3.  If you’re a fan of horror anthologies, you’ll surely love “Tales of Halloween” (2015). This quirky film is made up of ten stories that share a common setting: a “normal” suburban town. Evil goblins, an alien creature, Satan himself, and other insane characters will both horrify and amuse you. This movie will surely leave you wanting more!




   4.  Next on our list is a bizarre, macabre, and hilarious film called “The ABCs of Death” (2012). This movie holds 26 mini stories, each representing a letter of the alphabet. Movie makers from all over the world were given a letter and their task was to create a short film in which the main topic was, like the title suggests, death. Some are quite hilarious, but others are deeply disturbing. The sequel to this gem, “The ABCs of Death 2” (2014) is, believe it or not, better than the first. It follows the same dynamic, with even more gruesome and terrifying stories. Be warned that some of these scenes will stay with you forever.




So, now you have several new movies to add to your Halloween marathon. Enjoy the night, eat lots of candy, and beware of creatures that lurk outside your window. Happy Halloween!


Hey, there! My name's Yamilet but you can call me Yami (way cuter, right?). I'm a psychology major student at the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras campus, who also happens to enjoy writing in her spare time. I have a pug named Sushi, and together we come up with stories to share with the world!