3 Books You NEED To Add to Your TBR Pile Right Now

Academic papers to be read, deadlines creeping on us and miscellaneous duties have dominated my agenda during these past four months. It’s certainly left my To Be Read (TBR) pile of books shamefully neglected under the dust. (There might even be a cobweb at the corners). I definitely have to get to those books before I set my eyes on any others, but like any true book addict, it doesn’t matter how many books I already have waiting for me, I’m always wanting to add more books to that endless pile. Books are my addiction, what drives my life, so allow me to feed your healthy addiction and toss you some new book recommendations!

  1. 1. I Will Always Write You Back by Kaitlin Alifirenka

    Genre: Nonfiction, Autobiography, Memoir

    Time Commitment: 13 Hours (392 pages)

    This book is meant for crying meaningful tears. One day, an elementary school girl attends class. Here, she finds that she’ll be matched with a penpal from Zimbabwe. She gets matched with a little boy. Through the exchange of letters, the little girl’s eyes are opened to a different reality. She learns about privilege and the disadvantages that some people have. She realizes that privileges are unequally shared in the world.

    You can purchase this book at The Bookmark, Amazon, Barnes & Noble or check out any additional local bookstores at Indie Bound.

  2. 2. Where’d You Go, Bernadette by María Semper 

    Genre: Humour, Humorous Fiction, Domestic Fiction

    Time Commitment: 11.7 Hours (351 pages)

    The official synopsis is as follows: Former architect Bernadette Fox seems to have it all—a beautiful home in Seattle, a successful and loving husband, and a brilliant teenage daughter who's about to attend boarding school. When Bernadette suddenly disappears without a trace, her concerned family sets off on an exciting adventure to solve the mystery of where she might have gone.

    I highly recommend this book if you want some laughs and potentially some happy tears, especially if you’re looking for a book that surrounds a mother-daughter relationship.

    You can purchase this book at The Bookmark, Amazon, Barnes & Noble or check out any additional local bookstores at Indie Bound.

  3. 3. It’s Not Okay to Feel Blue (And Other Lies) by Scarlett Curtis

    Genre: Nonfiction, Mental Health, Essays

    Time Commitment: 12.8 Hours (384 pages)

    This is to find comfort within… everything; a collection of stories where real people open up to give testimonies they’ve experienced due to their mental illnesses, and how they’ve coped. It’s a book I’m looking forward to reading for myself, and if you get a hold of it before I do, I’m sure you’ll love it.

    “Reading this book made me feel more normal about the things I feel sometimes... It’s a great book; however you’re feeling, it’ll help.” - Ed Sheeran

    You can purchase this book at The Bookmark, Amazon, Book Depository or check out any additional local bookstores at Indie Bound.

Books are not just great for the brain; they can be trustee sidekicks when it comes to mastering the art of conversation. Insider tip: when you’re on a first date and getting to know someone, always ask for their favorite book. Not only does it give you an idea of their intellectual background, but you also invite a meaningful chat with them. Be sneaky and impress them with some book recommends of your own; always aim to be a good influence to others and you’ll see your life take a better ease at things.

These are just three picks from my own TBR pile which keeps growing with every passing day and sit-down convo I have with fellow bibliophiles. Feel free to add or subtract from your must-reads, but you sure won’t regret keeping them jotted down somewhere.