3 Apps to Help You Stay Focused!

We all know how hard it is sometimes to concentrate on our current and upcoming tests, presentations or projects while being both: tired and unfocused, or in other words, easily distracted. Sometimes we decide to procrastinate and waste time on our phones, and that’s why I’m here today to share three apps that can help you take a break from your phone and have you stay focused on your work so you can get back on track!


1. Forest

The Forest app might be the best app out there to help you concentrate on your tasks and leave your phone behind. Every time you use it, you get to plant a tree and build your own little forest as motivation. When I had this app on my previous phone I loved how it helps you get distracted from social media and mobile games and concentrate on what’s really important in an interactive way that helps you see and keep track of your progress and productivity with a forest. As a bonus, whenever you spend some coins, you help the Forest team donate to their partnered tree-planting organization: Trees for the Future!

Price: $1.99 on the App Store. FREE on Google Play.


2. Flipd

Flipd is the app I currently have on my phone and use whenever I need to study, work on an essay, or just concentrate on something important. This app gives you the simple options to set a timer and keep track of the time you spend off your phone with tags. It also includes sounds to help you relax and you can even join or create a group! The only BUT this app has is that, like usual, the premium version is the one that unlocks all the goodies, but that’s not really a problem; the free version works just as well when it comes to keeping you away from that distracting phone of yours.

Price: FREE on the App Store AND Google Play.


3. Donut Dog

Donut Dog is another interactive app that will help you focus your time on anything but your phone. Instead of creating and keeping a forest like in the Forest app mentioned above, on Donut Dog you get to make and collect donuts! You can also level up and get daily rewards, making the whole leaving your phone experience more fun!

Price: $1.99 on the App Store.


These are just three apps that I’ve tried and liked, or plan to try soon, but remember that there are more out there on the App Store and Google play that you can find for free or pay for. And, with finals right around the corner, these apps might just come in handy for anyone out there trying to concentrate and save some classes! In the end, remember that as long as you’re focused, you can survive what’s left of this semester!


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