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2023 Halloween Costume Predictions

The opinions expressed in this article are the writer’s own and do not reflect the views of Her Campus.
This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UPR chapter.

I can already see the piles of clothes accumulating on top of my bed, the endless scrolls through Pinterest and TikTok looking for inspiration, and the lists of different professions with the word ‘sexy’ next to them. Yes, the time to think up Halloween costume ideas is finally upon us, and I can already feel the pressure. 

Although it is true that almost every Halloween we see the “staple” costume ideas (like angel/devil, Mr/Ms. Smith, sexy secretary, sexy Disney princesses, etc.), I’ve noticed that, in the last few years, people have been dressing up as the characters of the blockbuster films (or even popular shows) of that year. For example, Halloween 2021 was invaded by Squid Game masks and the Suicide Squad gang of criminals, especially Harley Quin. In 2022 we had Wednesday Addams and Batman. And I’m sure this year will be no different. So, without further ado, here are my 2023 Halloween costume predictions!

1) Barbie and Ken

Starting out strong, we have the iconic duo of Barbie and Ken, or Ken and Barbie (*wink* *wink* if you get the reference). Apart from the fact that Barbie was one of the best selling movies this year so far, the outfits these two blondies had on  throughout the film were absolutely gorgeous. From the cowboy/cowgirl outfits to the roller skaters outfit, the pieces were put together beautifully, so I feel like everyone will have fun with this one. And it’s a couple’s costume! Which makes it even more adorable and fun to plan out. 

2) Oppenheimer

After adding Barbie into the mix, you know I had to mention Oppenheimer. Although the fashion portrayed in this film was definitely not the main  attraction/theme of the movie, almost everyone that saw the film went dressed as the “aesthetic.” Which, if you’re wondering what it is, it’s basically dark academia meets hats. So I would say it’s a pretty easy costume to arrange, so it deserves a good spot on the list. 

3) Taylor Swift and Kelce

I’ve heard about it, you’ve heard about, your neighbor probably knows about it too. Taylor Swift has got herself a man, and he’s none other than the Kansas City Chiefs football player, Travis Kelce. The amount of traffic the NFL has gotten on their feed has been astronomical ever since Taylor Swift was spotted at one of their games. And her just supporting Kelce and yelling “let’s fux@ng go!” at the top of her lungs has been the sweetest thing ever. Once again, it is a couple’s costume, so it automatically earns extra points for that fact. 

4) Kendall and Bad Bunny

Ok ok, hear me out. I know we’ve all had our fair share of opinions about this couple, but you gotta admit, that last Gucci shoot they had together made us all rethink how we perceive them. Let’s face it, they’re adorable together. And they’re also the perfect costume idea for couples this year given that they’re both iconic and have signature styles that are hard to miss. It’ll be the perfect costume for both fans of the Kardashians and Benito listeners alike. 

5) Rihanna from the Super Bowl

Yep, I went there. I do acknowledge that the Super Bowl halftime show was in February BUT, that outfit is just too unique and the fact that it was trending on TikTok for so long gives me the impression that people will still use it as a costume idea for this year. And, even though the real thing probably costs a fortune, it’s actually a very easy costume to build given that it’s all monochromatic. And hey, bonus points for your friends always managing to find you at the party!

7) Spider Verse/Spider Man

Even though this has been a costume idea in the past years, I feel like it’ll have a comeback, and this time with more options. Of course we had the OG Spider Man suit and also Gwen Stacy, but now we have characters like Spot, Spider Man 2099, Spider Punk, Spider Woman and so on and so forth. What’s fun about this idea, is that it can easily turn into a team costume idea, which makes it all the more exciting to plan out. 

8) Ariel

Last but not least, we have Ariel. Although this costume idea could be thrown into the classification of Disney princess costumes, I feel like after seeing the new adaptation with Halle Bailey, people have gotten a new sense of an alternate style for Ariel and they’ll want to try it out on Halloween. Being a Disney fan myself, I am very much excited to see people try this one out. 

I’m sure there are a lot more Halloween costumes that will be very popular this year, but these ones are the first that pop into my head. Even though the fun part of Halloween is coming up with your own fun ideas of what to dress up as, sometimes thinking of what to wear is very stressful. So, feel free to use any of these ideas for your costume parties and, most importantly, have fun!

Ana Emmanuelli is the current Co-Chapter Leader and Vice President at Her Campus UPR. Apart from assisting in overseeing the work of each team – be it the Editing Team, Writing Team, and/or Social Media Team- she also carries out administrative duties such as sending weekly notices to members, keeping track of chapter level requirements, and communicating with Her Campus Nationals. Lastly, she has been an active contributor to the magazine for three consecutive years and previously held the role of Secretary. Even though she is very much passionate about writing, she is now completing her fourth year as an undergrad majoring in Biology at the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Campus, which highlights her interest in the topics of science and health within her articles. Apart from her role in Her Campus, she is also Vice President of the internationally acclaimed MEDLIFE organization in her university’s chapter, where she has been able to build the skills she now uses in her Chapter Leader role at Her Campus UPR. In her free time, she loves reading classical literature and watching mind-bending movies with complex plots. She also loves to come up with new sketches and ways to create any type of art.