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20’s Fashion Highlights: Golf Knickers & Argyle Socks

In the 1920s, casual fashion trends often intersected between men and women. Sporty attire included casual sport golf knickers, which are knee-length wool baggy pants. 

Women paired knickers with blouses and ties, adding menswear elements to their outfits. Back then, it was normal for men to wear pants.  However, for women, it meant defying social norms. By doing so, females left aside their obligation to wear skirts or a feminine look. Fearlessly, women dared to take ownership of their masculine look despite social standards.



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For men, classic 20s knickers were paired with knitted pullovers and tall socks. Argyle was one of the most common prints for socks as well as for the pullovers. Others paired them with a fancy and debonair look. 



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Cinch the shorts at the waist with a belt in complementary colors. Argyle socks will look nice with white sneakers so rock that look! 

As for the gold knickers, well! These can go on par with the ugly-cute trend.


Fashion trends often come back to life after they were popular. Argyle socks and golf knickers are no exception. Although they were a symbol of informal summer attire for men and of resistance for women, today, they represent a reborn modern fashion element. Feel free to grab your argyle socks and match them with your favorite clothes. They are genderless as well as endless accessories to style your everyday outfits. 

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