20’s Fashion Highlight: Cloche Hats & Bobs

Ninety years have passed since the end of the ’20s and we still can get over it. The ’20s are everywhere you look: movies, series, and heck even music! Everyone and their mother has binge-watched Cable Girls (and if you haven’t, what are you waiting for?) and a world of magic came back with Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and with it has brought back the 20’s style. The thing about fashion is that it’s like a circle, it always comes back to the beginning. We can’t help ourselves in admiring the 20’s style when people like Bianca Suárez (Lidia on Cable Girls) and Alison Sudol (Queenie on Fantastic Beasts) make it look so good! So here are two 20’s Fashion Highlights for you to admire and use.



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Cloche Hat



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If you have seen any movie or series based on the ’20s, I’m sure you noticed the use of these cute little hats. These bell-like hats seem to be a key piece for an outfit in the ’20s.
Buying one would be a good investment if you’re going for the complete vintage aesthetic. It also would help you look cute in a bad hair day. The fitted style of the hat will keep your hair in its place and out of your face. It’s (and was) also a good way of getting creative and showing some personality. You can find these hats in a myriad of colors and styles. As accessories go, this is a bold one for sure. And hey! It would help you look like a 20’s movie star!

I recommend this yellow darling or this patterned centerpiece. Pair with a fitted bust sundress or with a button-down top and a pencil skirt. Both outfits would look lovely with Mary Janes. Get that Hollywood Belle aesthetic!


Short Bobbed Hairstyles



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Short hair is coming back to the spotlight. Maybe its because it’s fall and is it still hot or because everyone keeps having mental breakdowns thanks to the semester. (Do you want bangs with that bob or is there something else going on?) A new hairstyle, a new beginning, new me. So why not get a Short Bob? The short bob consists of consist of cutting your hair a little bit shorter on the back of your hair while leaving the front a little bit longer. It gives your hair form and edge. It also lets your neck breath and makes it look longer. It was one of the most used hairstyles in the ’20s and it’s still used nowadays. It helps that it’s highly practical and you don’t have to worry in the mornings about what you do with your hair. It’s also the best hairstyle to rock a cloche hat with. If you are scared that if you cut it too short you’re going to look like a Poodle, don’t worry! You can always go for a long bob instead. If you’re scared of The Cut, here’s a tutorial on how to style your hair like a bob without getting near scissors.


The 20’s fashion is here to stay. From theme parties to short bobs. And if you want to rock the style, don’t be afraid to do it!



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#2020s will hopefully welcome us with the timeless elegance of the 1920s. #nyfw #clochehat #fashion

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