15 Vines Everyone Should Remember

On January 17, 2017, Vine was officially closed, leaving a gap in the souls of a whole generation. It was a dark day for the Internet. But it doesn’t matter how much time has passed, Vine is still in our hearts and in Youtube and Facebook and almost any other social media you stumble upon. The truth is that while vine.co is gone and the Vine Archive was not effective, we can still access its content. Maybe is because it was too funny to let it die or because once something is on the internet is really difficult to erase.

Re-watching vines is one of my guilty pleasures. Every time I’m sad, bored or stressed I end up watching compilations of vines as characters of books, series, and movies that I follow. They never fail on making me laugh. It is also one of my biggest methods of procrastination. I have watched them so many times that half of the references I make are from vines. It doesn’t help that my group of friends follow my references with more vine references. So in memory of Vine, here are fifteen that will crack you up no matter what.

  1. 1.  “Look at all those Chickens”

    This confused little girl always makes me laugh to tears. Now thanks to her always that I see a group of birds I quote this vine. For sure I will never see chickens the same way.

  2. 2. “I got the power of God and Anime by my side”

    We all want the confidence that this boy has but the funniest thing about the Vine is the confusion of the other boys. Confuse your enemies and get the upper hand!

  3. 3. “I can’t believe you’ve done this”

    The treason is strong on this one! You can hear the disappointment on his voice. This Vine is funny from the moment it starts. Dude, I have so many questions. What’s with the tie?

  4. 4. “I could’ve dropped my croissant”

    There are many scare Vines, but this one takes the cake. I would've reacted differently if someone made me almost drop my food but also kudos to the dude that kept his priorities straight. Eat first, then take revenge. We can only hope that he had a good meal.

  5. 5. “FR E SHA VOCA DO”

    This one you have to hear! So press play and laugh until you die! We thank Del Taco for making this possible! Remember kids, grammar is important!

  6. 6. “Miss Kesha? Miss Kesha?”

    The way this girl play with her toys is going to make you laugh your butt off. I can only wish that I had this much personality when I was growing up. You can also find a compilation of this girl interacting with her brother and toys.


    It had to be said and it was. The different pronunciation of Kansas and Arkansas is confusing. How something that basically has the same word pros two letters can be pronounced so different? The Kansas/Arkansas pronunciation debacle is going to be a mystery that will remain unsolved.

  8. 8. “THAT’S MY OPINION!”

    You guys do not have any idea how many times a day I quote this vine. Every time I hear someone say “well, that’s my opinion”, I proceed to hush it to the person sited next to me. Her rage is real and the effects only make it funnier. Oh, and her companion faces are priceless! You need to see it again, but then again that’s only my opinion!

  9. 9. “I don’t have enough money for chicken nuggets”

    As a broke college student, I feel this Vine to a spiritual level. We are with you dude, all we want and need in life is enough money for chicken nuggets. 

  10. 10. “Two bros chilling in the hot tub”

    Who else can hear this video without even pressing play? I know you sang along with it, don’t lie to yourself. There is also a video where Anthony Padilla, the creator of this vine, makes fun of the movie Five Feet Apart and explains how the vine came to be. This vine also has a second part where the duo either went on a date or augmented the distance between them.

  11. 11. “They were roommates”

    How many times do you hear part of someone else conversation and can’t help but feel interested in it? I have a friend that quotes this anytime someone passes by her speaking loudly in their phone, it never fails to crack me up.

  12. 12. “I smell like beef”

    Vines like this one are proof that kids are precious and hilarious. This little girl is every single one of us after a very long day when we need to take a shower... with urgency.

  13. 13. “So I'm sitting there, barbecue sauce on my titties”

    I bet that is someone ever said something like that to us, we are all gonna react as the woman did. It’s a miracle that the guy didn’t explode in laughter while saying it, we have to stan's auto control. This Vine also makes me remember all the weird conversations that I have with my friends, that if someone ever hears them, will die of laughter.

  14. 14. “Hi welcome to Chili’s”

    I will be forever thankful for this one. Every single thing about it is downright hilarious, from the place to the pose of the dude. And thanks to it I have blackmail material of one of my best friends reacting it, which makes it even more hilarious for me.  

  15. 15. “Adam!”

    Tag yourself, I’m Adam. We all do stuff to announce our friends, this is not different to it and that's why it is so funny. The expression in his face is gold. He wasn’t ready for the betrayal.

Of course, there are a thousand good vines. I hope they make you laugh. And remember, the release of byte.co (known as V2) is closer than ever. So watch this Vines in repeat and hold on to them until it’s out and then watch out for new content!