10 Signs You're From ADMI

There's around 16,000 students in our campus alone but there's a few 1,200 students that are business majors. Being a Business major myself, I never thought we did distinct stuff that would separate us from the crowd but soon enough I noticed that there are a few differences between us and the rest of the student population. Yes, we all take the same 25 classes, have presentations every single week and spend way too much time in Osuna 212*. Here are 10 things that we either say or do that really makes us stand out.

We are drama experts. We either create drama or simple revel in it. You can say we like our gossip and being "in the know".

If our classes are three hours apart, somebody will suggest going to El 8. And that somebody will sometimes be you.   

AMO Lobby will always have a party going on...

It's probably because someone – especially our resident marketing association (AMA) – is selling pizza. 

Because of our classes, we're always talking a brand-new product we can develop or a new service we can offer. Seriously, you do that for ADMI 4005, Basic Marketing and almost any business class.

Being in a student organization is a must. AEC, AMA, SHRM, FMA, LEGOS and way more... Seriously, how many do we have? 

As a result, we're probably always running late for a meeting.

We overshare any type of Google Form (mostly because of our classes, we always have to do some sort of survey) or some flyer (I said it, there's always something going on or someone selling something). 

For the love of God and all that is good, why do we always look like we're going to a job interview?! Probably because we have a presentation, mock interview or we really just came back – or are on our way – to work.

But at the end of the day, we can't help but being the overachieving, worker bees that we are. So if you dare mess with ADMI students...well...it will not end pretty for you.

*If you don't know what that is, I suggest you get your butt over there right now and say hi!

Gifs: Google Images and Giphy.com