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Weston Dunham: IRC Intern and Research Fellow


21-year old Political Science major, Weston Dunham has a busy and unconventional schedule. Not only is he a student assistant at UNT-International, he is also an intern at the International Rescue Committee in Dallas and a Castleberry Peace Institute Research fellow.

When he isn’t working, he spends his free time doing a lot of research and reading books in the areas of study that he is interested in pursuing. Aside from that, the Carrollton native enjoys yoga and taking photos. 

“I like to consider myself a little amateur photographer. I like to take photos for Instagram on my phone. I also do a little blogging and Reddit posting.”

 As new opportunities slide his way, Weston is up to the challenge

“I'm kind of in a mood where I wanna push myself into new experiences.”


As far as extracurriculars go, Weston in the political science honor society, Phi Sigma Alpha. Although his involvement is pretty limited, he still thinks  he makes good contributions.


As a transfer student, he had a non-traditional undergraduate experience. He spent his freshman and sophomore year at Yonsei University in Seoul, Korea and is fluent in both Korean and Danish. 



When asked about how his year is going, he was pretty optimistic. 

“This year has been mostly about really making sure that I'm setting myself up for success and surrounding myself with people who support my dreams and goals. And also just coming to terms with some different and disappointing things. Basically, it's okay that things don't work always work out. I don't have to be defined by mistakes of the past. 


He has a few tips for finding your footing and setting yourself up for success, especially for those just starting out in college or still searching for a career path.

“Yes grades are important, but people are too. Make sure to enjoy college and make meaningful connections. It's a chance to challenge the way you think and how you operate. 

“Basically work hard, be nice and learn to laugh at and love yourself. Be defined by your goals and not others. Success is a relative term.”


 If you’re interested in following the escapades of Weston, follow him on Instagram!

UNT Junior Integrative Studies major with focuses in Women and gender Studies, Political Science and International Studies. Minoring in photography and journalism. Born and raised in the heart of Chicago, but relocated to Texas for school. I'm passionate about photography, fashion, foods, Vintage polaroid and old records.
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